What will you do if you have a 7-day luxury Myanmar trip?

It is suggested that you should visit Inle Lake, Bagan ancient capital and Golden Rock Mountain and spend 2 days on each to discover all the special things for a luxury Myanmar trip.

Bagan ancient capita: 2 days


Bagan still has more than 2000 pagodas and temples on the area of 42 km2. You should rent a carriage or a bike to visit around Bagan all day without any rush. You can enjoy the mysterious dawn and sunset on the balloon. The streets on Bagan is very clean with the two parallel lines of green trees. Local people are friendly, simple and hospitable.

Far from Bagan about 45 minutes by car is Taung Kalat Temple located on the top of Popa volcano is the spiritual house of Myanmar people. It is believed that the volcano is the home to the supreme Nat deity, relating to the Olympus Mountain. With the peaceful and relaxing feelings, trying to live as slow as possible is what Bagan will bring to you in 2-day luxury Myanmar trip.

Inle Lake: 2 days


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Different from the overwhelmed and admirable feelings when standing in front of the Bagan ancient temple, Inle Lake will make you feel tiny among the immense lake sparkling the rays of sunlight.

It is typical to row a boat by foot in Inle Lake. Not only do you feel very relaxed in here when sitting in a boat through villages along the bank of the lake, local children with Thanakan lines waving their hands enthusiastically but also remember the moment of from waiting for the sunset to the sunlight hidden behind the mountain range when you sit silently on the boat bobing on the waves. Then, all left is the quiet and peaceful lake area.

Golden Rock Mountain: 2 days


In Golden Rock, there is a Kyaiktiyo pagoda on the mountain, 1.100m above sea level. This sacred rock has a cliffy position on another rock (only 78 cm2 of surface exposes with that rock). Although the golden surface right near the mountain edge is on the falling at any time, it turns out to stand firmly through many years.

There is 7.3-meter church tower on the top. Many people strongly said that thanks to a hair-made “sarira” (seven colors head shrine) of Buddha, the rock can exist in 2000 years

If having a luxury Myanmar trip, you should spend one night staying there to listen to the tinkle of wind bell and chanting sound in murmurs to make your soul feel restful and the extremely close link between the present and the past.

Yangon capital: 1 day

You should spend one day in Yangon capital paying a visit to Shwsdagon pagoda, Bogyoke Aung San market and Sule pagoda. Buit in more than 2.500 years, Shwedagon has been known as the place keeping 8 hair strands of Buddha. The main tower of the pagoda is 98m high and covered by 30 tons of gold and hundreds of diamonds

Not only does Bogyoke jewelry market sell jewelries but almost the handicraft products of Myanmar with the price ranging from hundreds to ten thousands kyat.

Sule pagoda has the unique feature of Mon group’s architecture with the octagonal shape to the top. Around the pagoda, there are 10 bronze bells with years and the name of prayers carved on. 4 presbyteries have lots of banana and coconut. On the floor is the large marble foot prints known as the Buddha feet are decorated with golden leaves. It also keeps a hair strand the Buddha gave to two Myanmar business brothers as a lagend.

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