Top three pagodas muss seen in Myanmar

Once talking to exclusive Myanmar holiday, every people may think about the golden pagodas with different architectures.

Myanmar, also known as Burma, is one of the most beautiful wonders in the world. It is called land of Buddhism. On Sagaings hill on the bank of Irrawddy River, there are many pagodas and monasteries, which are living place of more than 5000 nuns and monks. In the morning, visitors may see the monks bringing small bowls and walking around for food donation. Almost of the local people stay in pagoda for at least a few months, and many families have to save money to prepare for their sons or daughters to live there. In Myanmar, there is a worship day names Shin-pyu, in which young people will be accepted to live in pagoda after taking some rituals.

There are some pagodas in Bagan that visitors can travel in exclusive Myanmar holiday.

Golden Rock (Mon State)


Locates about 200 km from Yangon, Golden Rock stays about 1.100 meters above the sea level. It belongs to a small pagoda names Kyaiktyo. Golden Rock is well known among visitors because of its wanderous position and special appearance.

Kyaiktyo Pagoda lies at the top of the rock and if visitors want to visit the pagoda, they have to pass over the rock. The surface of the rock is covered by gold and there is an unspoken rule among Myanmar people that only men can stand near the rock.

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Shwedagon Pagoda


Shwedagon Pagoda locates in the city of Yangon. It is the most famous and respectful place in Myanmar. It is the place preserve 4 treasures of Buddha includes Kakusandha Buddha stick, a piece cloth of Kassapa Buddha, a treasure to make pure water of Koṇāgamana Buddha and 8 hairpieces of Shakyamuni Buddha. All of the treasures are kept in the main temple – a temple has 99 meter height. The temple locates at the top of Singuttara Hill, where visitors can capture the whole Yangon.

From the foothill, there are four ways lead to Shwedagon Pagoda and each way is guarded by a couple statues of stone lions. On the east and south roads lie many stores selling worshipping objects and spiritual practice tools.

Shwezigon Pagoda


Shwezigon is the second largest pagoda in Myanmar. It stays in Bagan – the ancient capital. Was built in 12th century, the pagoda has a magnificent design. The pagoda is covered by very thin slices of gold; and under the sunlight, visitors can see the pagoda shining. Even in normal days, the pagoda is still noisy with local Buddhists.

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