Top 10 Myanmar travel destinations

Myanmar is a holy land of Buddha with golden pagodas, monks in red and ancient monasteries. Additionally, many beautiful landscapes in Myanmar is the key to keep the tourists.

We are honored to introduce top 10 Myanmar travel destinations you must know when having a Burma luxury travel


  • Shwedagon pagoda (Yangon)


It is the golden symbol of Myanmar with 2.500 years old. The top of the golden tower is 98 meters in height with many smaller towers around. Through wars and disasters, Shwedagon is still the pagoda of the first magnitude in the world



  • Golden Rock (Mon State)


Far from Yangon about 200km, the rock located on 1.100 in height with the small pagoda Kyaiktyo creates a unique complex. Golden Rock is famous for its tottery level and golden surface.

If you want to go to Kyaiktyo on the top, you surely walk through this golden rock.



  • Shwezigon pagoda (Bagan)


Located in Bagan (the ancient capital of Pagan kingdom, there is gather of small and medium sized temples), Shwezigon is the second largest golden pagoda in Myanmar. It was built in 12th century. Its structure is as sparkling as Shwedagon does.



  • Shwesandaw (Bagan)


If you are in Bagan, come to visit Shwesandaw in the sunset to enjoy the scene of the sun that is down. Standing from the pagoda, you can view all legendary Bagan. With thousands of temples and towers.




  • Ananda temple


Also located in Bagan, Ananda was built in the 11th – 12th century. This is the eloquent evidence for a resplendent time of Bagan capital and the unique architect of Bagan kindom


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  • Mahamuni (Mandalay)


Mandalay is the ancient capital of Myanmar, where there are many pagodas, temples and the great number of monks. Mahamuni temple that is the golden symbol of Mandalay was built in 18th century



  • Inhwa village (Mandalay)


Inhwa is a beautiful village on Ayeyarwady river bank. This ancient village is the famous travel destination with valuable relics such as Bagaya Kyaung monastery built by 267 giant wood poles. Remarkably, the lifestyle or living way as the customs and habits in hundreds of years is also a unique feature to attract tourists.



  • Mingun village (Madalay)


Mingun has lots of historical relics and landscapes, in which, the most remarkable things are Mingun bell and a pair of Chinthe statues, considered as the valuables. Chinthe (half lemon and half dragon) is a giant couple of statues.



  • Ubein bridge (Mandalay)


Ubein bridge in ancient Amarapura village is the world’s longest wood-made bridge (1.2km). Nearly 2000-year-old bridge across the river is the way to home of the villagers in Amarapura. The sunset scene on Ubein bridge is so strongly impressive and bright that all tourists will remember forever.



  • Inle Lake (Shan)


With 11km in width, 22km in length from the north to the south, when floating in the lake, you will experience different emotions.


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