Why you should travel to Vietnam in Tet Holiday

Tet Festival in Vietnam

Vietnamese people as well as some other countries’ in the Southeast Asia usually have their New Year Festival based on the Lunar Calendar besides the International Calendar. Therefore, visiting these countries in their New Year Festival vacation is completely interesting for many travelers.

Tet Festival in Vietnam
Tet Festival in Vietnam

In Vietnam, the Lunar New Year Festival is also called ‘Tet’ Festival when there are a plenty of carnival and celebrating activities taken place across the country. Vietnam- a country of people love peace and are very hospitable to welcome international friends has been always remaining an attractions to many people in other countries. In this writing I will show you some amazing things about the Tet Festival in Vietnam that would make you want to experience it by yourself.

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Tet Holiday in Vietnam is full of flowers, lanterns, and smiling faces.

It is said that Tet is the most important and majestic festival in the year. It is the time for Vietnamese people to celebrate the new coming year, look back to give thanks to their ancestors. More importantly, Tet is the occasion for reunion. Even if you are working in a city far away from home, your mind is always up towards your family, and Tet is the time for you to come back to your beloved home, welcome the New Year together with your loved ones.

To prepare for Tet holidays, Vietnamese residents will clean up their house, buy some other furniture or ornaments to make their house more beautiful and cozy. In the streets, you will see a lot of flowers, lanterns and celebrating banners in colors. The popular trees in Tet Holiday are Kumquat tree, Peach blossom, and
Apricot blossom. However, the thing that makes the streets feel like more vibrant, happier is the smiling faces of people here. They are up to a myriad of stuff to prepare for the festival, but they always feel good for that because they have a hope for a new happy year coming.

Chung Cake
Chung Cake

Tet’s special dishes always have an irresistible attraction.

In Tet’s food menu of most Vietnamese wives and mothers, there are some dishes that cannot be dismissed such as ‘Chung’ cake, boiled chickens, or pickled onion. They all belong to the tradition of residents here thousands of years back and also reflect the beautiful and precious culture of Vietnam. I am sure that if you try these dishes in one day of Tet holiday, you can feel all the tasteful favor blended with Tet atmosphere inside your mouth.

Let’s join some exciting celebrating activities in Tet Holiday in Vietnam.

Besides fireworks display or national New Year music shows in many big cities, the special thing about Tet’s activities is that each town and region has its own distinctive type of game and completion for people to take part in. For instance, in Sapa town, the festival is warmed up with some interesting competitions such as Giao Duyen singing contest (where a boy and girl sing traditional love songs to express their love for each other), pan-pipe playing and dancing, “nem con” (a game in which boys and girls throw cloth balls) and feasting. The whole fun and excitement of these activities cannot be entirely described by words that you will feel that only if you take the real actions.

I hardly can express all the good things about Lunar New Year Festival in Vietnam within one or two pages, but there is one thing I am completely sure that it would worth your while to travel there and enjoy Tet Holiday in Vietnamese way. When the New Year moment has just come, just try to say ‘Chuc mung nam moi’ (as ‘Happy new year’) to others.

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