Shwedagon Pagoda – Golden Icon of Myanmar

It was a belief among Myanmar people that Shwedagon – a pagoda was built more than 2.500 years ago, keeps inside 8 hairpieces of Buddha. It is the largest and one of the most respectful pagodas in Myanmar. Shwedagon is a complex of small pagodas and temples, and visitors from bespoke Myanmar tours are always amused by a 99 meter height temple. Almost of the pagodas are coated with gold and decorated with hundreds gems and to many bespoke Myanmar tours, Shwedagon is usually the first destination.


Locates near the center of Yangon, Shwedagon is one of the most worshipful places in Myanmar. Eve in weekdays, it is still crowded with Buddhists.

Stays at the peak of Singuttara Hill, Shwedagon is both spacious and majesty. In four directions lie the steps lead into the pagoda. The north gate of the pagoda has a couple statues of lions, which have the height of 9 meters, look to the direction of the city center.

Visitors have to pay 5 USD for ticket to get into Shwedagon. The golden pagoda is the most well-known pagoda in Myanmar and it is also famous worldwide thanks to its religious design. Every people has to leave his shoes outside and walks barefoot to visit the pagoda. The moment of sunset is also the noisiest period of the place, when local people finish their work and go there to pray. No one knows exactly when Shwedagon was built; even oldest persons heard stories about the existence of the thousand-year-old place from their parents. According to some archaeologists, Shwedagon was built 2.500 years ago.


Both of the main temple and surrounding pagodas are covered by thin slices of gold. At the top of the main temple hang thousands of golden and silver bells.

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The complex of golden pagoda includes 1.000 temples and smaller pagodas surrounding the 99-meter-height temple. Among them, there are 72 pagodas made of stone. The others are covered by gold. They worship Buddha and place Buddha statues in the most respectful places. In the sunrise and sunset, visitors can see the roofs of the pagodas shining.

The more visitors are attracted by the appearance of the golden complex, the more they are overwhelmed by architecture inside the pagodas and the main temple. Almost of the furniture is carved by sophisticated craftsmen and they are covered with 8.690 slices of gold. And all visitors will be amused to know that the pagoda is decorated with 5.450 diamonds in all sizes and 2.320 gems! Moreover, the main temple is coated by 9.300 golden slices with total weight of 500 kg.

As recommended from bespoken Myanmar tours, the most suitable time to visit the unique pagoda is sunset. All visitors should wear long pants and long shirts because it is a requirement of the Buddhism country.

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