How to planning your Myanmar tour

The information of transport fee and the way to travel from place to place will be valuable for your Myanmar luxury travel and help you to get Yagon, Madalay or Inle Lake easily. One promising path that is chosen by many luxury travels is Yangon – Bagan – mandalay – Pyin Oo Lwin and Inle Lake.


Inle Lake – one of the most famous destinations in Myanmar

1. Booking airfares and bus tickets
Air tickets to Myanmar
The airlines usually launch sale off campaign to boost the luxury tours to Myanmar. To go to Yangon, visitors can book a cheap round-trip ticket or fly to Bangkok and then buy a domestic ticket.

Internal bus ticket
Visitors can book ticket online from Seven Diamond Express Company for their trips via email. They can choose to go to the office to get the tickets directly, or wait until going to the airport and use the delivery service offering by the company. There is price list of some trips offered by Seven Diamond:
Yangon – Bagan (Ye’ Thu Aung Bus): 20.000 Kyats (around 19 USD)
Bagan – Mandalay (Myat Mandalar): 9.500 Kyats (9 USD)
Mandalay (Myat mandalar) – Heho: 12.000 Kyats (11 USD)
Heho (Shwe Nyaung) – Yangon (Yan Kyee Aung): 25.000 Kyats (24 USD)
They also offer delivery service to the airport with the cost of 10.000 Kyats (10 USD)
Some visitors can buy the bus ticket from Mandalay to Pyin Oo in the reception in their hotels to visit Pyin Oo Highland (it costs 8.600 Kyats or 8 USD for the air-condition bus).


Intercity buses in Myanmar are quite modern and comfortable

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2. Making plans and suitable schedule
Together with above trips, there are many attractive destinations for tourists to advance Myanmar. Each region has its own features and famous sightseeing: Swedagon Pagoda, Bogyoke Aung San Market in Yangon; Atumashi Wooden monastery and Mandalay Hill in Mandalay and the new capital Naypyidaw. Each place takes 2 days to tourists to visit and relax, so they should pay seven to ten days for a luxury travel if don’t want to miss anything.

3. Foreign currency
Tourist can exchange USD (the money should be new and have no curling at the corner) to Myanmar currency (Kyat) in the foreign currency exchange counters in the airports. The rate is updated each 10 minutes so 100 USD can exchange to from 88.400 to 90.000 Kyats. The money is quite thick and big, printed densely with colorful patterns and local numbers. Although the value is high, the denomination is small. Therefore, the value of the unit can be calculated by the thickness of the pile of money.


Visitors can find the currency exchange counters in Myanmar airport

Since 1990 until now, Myanmar circulates a lot of money with different denominations from 1 Kyat to 10.000 Kyats (issued in 2012). In daily activities, the money with lower denomination than 100 Kyats is hardly used and the one with higher denomination than 1000 Kyats is paid for luxury products in shopping malls.

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