Experience 10 wonderful things in Mandalay, Myanmar (part 1)

Mandalay in Myanmar is the place which contains the both attractive and mysterious beauty will become much closer ever through the camera lens of famous blogger, Philipp

Below is 10 interesting experiences you should not miss when traveling to Myanmar, especially Mandalay as Philipp’s suggestion:

Rent a bike and discover the city as your own preference


Bike is the popular means of transport in Mandalay with cheap price. Before renting, you need to ensure that your bike is still in good condition, so that you can feel at rest that it will not breakdown on street. There are many interesting places in Mandalay you can visit by bike easily as the traffic system in the city is quite favorable and wide. More importantly, while you move by bike, you will realize that there are lots of interesting things that are sometimes worthier than visiting any famous place

Visit a gold foil workshop



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What people are often impressed when traveling to Myanmar may be gold because gold is not only used for decoration on Buddha statues, outside the pagoda but also gilded on the ceiling or furniture in many wealthy families. Moreover, Myanmar people seldom send money into the bank, instead, they often buy gold to worship for the pagoda. That is the reason why many gold foil workshops develop quickly

King Galon is one of the most famous and long-standing gold foil workshops in Mandalay. When visiting there, you will observe the way to make gold foil. People in King Galon are friendly and enthusiastic so maybe you are allowed to try the hammer ram on the gold pack. This is a tough job but it is worthy

Visit stone sculpture workshops


Mandalay is the city owning many handicraft workshops, in which the stone sculpture is more remarkable. You can visit Sagaing area to see the stone sculpture workshops. The area seems to be covered by the smooth dirt from marbles. On the streets, you will see the skilful workers polishing their sculptures. One surprise is that you will see that they do not use any draft samples

Visit Maha Muni pagoda


Maha Muni is the most sacred pagoda in Mandalay. It ranks the second after Shwedagon pagoda in Yangon on the fame. The pagoda is very beautiful and large with quite a lot doors and corridors to the main area. You will be impressed by the gilded Buddha statue of 4 meters in height inside the pagoda. The special thing is that only men are allowed to come into while women only see it from the outside. Going inside and you will feel the holy atmosphere as well as the worshipping of local people with their belief

Relax at Shwenandaw monastery


After riding a bike and walking around the areas in Mandalay, it is time to take a break and Shwenandaw is the ideal place. It is a famous monastery built by tek wood. It is so exciting to sit to relax and sightsee the complex sculptures of the monastery

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