Discover unique features of Muong Hum market fair


Muong Hum market fair is considered one of the largest fairs in the Northwest area. It is located in the valley near Muong Hum stream, covered by towering mountains to make up the charming scenery in remostest area.

For this reason, Muong Hum market attracts both domestic and foreign tourists. Muong Hum is the center of a Northern communal area 8 in Bat Xat district, Lao Cai province, 45 kilometers far from the center of Lao Cai city. This place is isolated from the outside by rolling mountains that creates natural solid stronghold. To get to the Muong Hum, visitors need to go past an old cardamom forest with many steeps. On the way to Muong Hum, visitors can enjoy golden terraced fields in the rice seasons.

                   A busiest day in Muong Hum market
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This place still restores the traces of ancient French houses, mysterious villas reviving the traumatic past when the French occupied. The Muong Hum market is located right at the center of the town. The market is the fair of ethnic groups which falls on every Sunday. It’s easy to catch the bright dresses of the Giay, Dao,Hmong, Ha Nhi and even Chinese in the market.

The ethnic people exchanging products

Although the market isn’t so famous as Sapa love market or Bac Ha fair, Muong Hum market is considered as one of rare fairs that still preserved cultural characters of a highland market. Tourists can see distintive shops of an ethnic minority fairs such as Thang Co, Mat cake ( molasses-sweetened glutinous rice cake), Te cake ( rice cake), wine,brocade product, silver jewelry, personal items, agricultural products…The Muong Hum market exposes all features of the ethnic groups settled on this land. Only the colors of the customes are enough to mystify visitors. Many foreign tourists who ever experienced daily life with local people had the same surprised and impressive feelings.

The ethnic women selling unique hats

Horse meat sauted with onion, pig organs served with mint leaves are special dishes which you should try when visiting Muong Hum market. Besides, corn wine and fresh beer also leave deep impressions on both domestic and foreign tourists.

Due to the poetic beauty, the market near the Muong Hum stream by chance becomes a dating place for couples. They make a date near the stream reviewing the old memories, looking for their partners. The girls show off their beautiful dresses while the boys play khèn ( syrinx), or flute with the bustling melody echoing around the Northwest mountain.

The ethnic children are carriedd pick-a-back to the market

Although the way to Muong Hum market is quite difficult, this destination still attracts a lot of tourists. They come here not only to enjoy cultural features of the ethnic minority groups but also experience romantic scenery of the Northwest area.


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