Chicken fortune telling for marriage in Myanmar

Traveling to Myanmar to discover the chicken fortune telling for marriage of Myanmar people. When visiting Ko-e ethnic group in Myanmar, tourists will see a special costume that is they often observe chicken to tell marriage future.

Previously, if it is not good, the marriage will be failed. Nowadays, most of marriages will be decided by parents of two sides. If the parents of the woman agree, they will hold the wedding for her.


At first, the groom’s family will ask the village head and the matchmaker to come to the bride’s family for marriage agreement, the wedding will be held in the very early morning when people are still sleeping. They do that because if the marriage will not succeed, it will not affect the relationship of two families

In the morning, the wedding will watch the chicken bone one more time to tell the fortune and luck of the groom and bride. The result of chicken fortune telling is often like what they do when asking for engagement

When the wedding is held, the groom and bride will eat in one table. After the wedding, the bride will be taken to the groom’s house by friends. At the groom’s house, the bride and her friends will pretend to grind rice and then, the bride pretend to carry water to pour into the big jar. The groom will do the same. Before that, the groom will symbolically work at the bride’s house. In that day, after the bride cook rice alcohol, she will sleep at the groom’s house and then come back home in the next day


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When traveling to Myanmar, tourists will see one more special thing of locals, which is Ko-e ethnic group will make wedding without making love because after getting married, they have to live away from each other from 15 days to one month. In the morning, they will come to the partner’s house to work and come back home in the morning to rest. If the husband wants to come to the wife’s house, he has to sneak in the midnight. After 15 days to one month, they will officially live in one roof

This ethnic group also has the custom of re-getting married. The first time is when they are young and the second time is when they have the 3rd – 4th child or 5th – 6th child

However, they seriously perform the policy of one spouse. If the wife has affair with other man, she will be look down or even killed. That man at least must compensate the husband and the wife must kill a cow to do penance in front of all villagers. What a strange and unique custom!

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