Being one of seven emirates in the United Arab Emirates, located at the South of the Persian Gulf of the Arabian Peninsula, Dubai travel has almost everything to offer to each and every single traveler. Coming here to conquer the golden dunes, discover the sandy desert or explore the city of luxury and opulence, there are still quite a few things you should get to know in advance as they might usually come in handy at anytime of the day.

  1. Pay attention to your travel insurance
Travel Insurance
Travel Insurance

Some insurance companies will not cover the costs if you experience health problems while travelling. Therefore, it is strongly crucial to get it checked with your insurance company beforehand or purchase a travel insurance package before your departure as travelling to Dubai, it might be relatively easy to buy medicines at any regional drug stores, however, if you have to be hospitalized, the costs for treatment as well as the costs to take you back to your country is incredibly expensive.

  1. Be careful while capturing your photographs
Taking Pictures
Taking Pictures

Never take photographs of the locals especially women when you don’t have their permission. Remember you’re not allowed to take pictures in places such as in front of government buildings, military bases, ports or other places with similar properties.

  1. Do not drink alcohol in public
Drinking Alcohol
Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol is restricted in Dubai, however, you can have them at some free tax stores in the city. If you’re a foreign traveler, you won’t be able to buy alcohol in the local stores and always bear in mind that if you get drunk in public, you will be fined as same as drinking while driving.

  1. Be conscious of your personal medicines
Carrying Medicines
Carrying Medicines

 Make sure with your personal doctors for the medicines that you could carry with yourself while travelling just in case you will get jailed for carrying illegal drugs.

  1. Never exchange your cash in public
Exchanging Cash
Exchanging Cash

Never exchange your cash for local currency in public places in the city as not only you might not be able to receive the full amount but also it might lead you to some bad situations such as bring pick pocketed  or robbed.

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4 interesting tourist destinations when traveling to Yangon, Myanmar

When traveling to Myanmar, tourists never forget Yangon capital city which is the largest visitor center in Myanmar gathers a lot of famous tourist destination and diverse tourism services. Definitely, tourists have to visit Shwedagon pagoda, Botataung pagoda, Bogyoke Aunge San market and China Town because they are interesting destinations in Yangon, Myanmar

Shwedagon pagoda


Yangon is the first stop in a luxury Myanmar tour as simply, it is the national largest visitor center and transshipment terminal to other famous places. Shwedagon golden pagoda is the place tourists must visit in Yangon as this magnitude pagoda is referred to as the symbol of Myanmar. Until now, no one dares to confirm the time to build this golden pagoda but according to many theories, it has more than 2000 years. Currently, Shwedagon pagoda stores 4 sacred valuables of Buddha. The pagoda is gilded with the thin gold leaves creating the specially attractive color in the dawn or sunset. In addition, it is decorated with thousands of diamonds and rubies

Botataung pagoda


After visiting Shwedagon pagoda, the next destination should be Botataung pagoda which is an interesting place in Yangon. The pagoda is located along the riverbank of the city. Its name meaning is thousands of generals as it was built for worshipping and supporting the generals in Myanmar’s army. The first impression tourists can feel when visiting the pagoda is the dazzlement by gilded ceiling and walls. In the pagoda, there is Buddha’s relics. The space is bot peaceful and solemn to help tourists feel relaxed

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China Town


In most of big cities in Southest Asia, tourists can find it easy to meet Chinese community living with local people and Yangon is not exceptional. Chinese people live and work with the great number so they create an interesting culture feature to attract tourists. In China Town as a small China with stores selling food, clothes and household goods, the living style seems to be unchanged. Besides, tourists can go for a walk around the night market in China Town to enjoy Myanmar’s delicious dishes such as Shan dumpling, Shan noodle and coconut cake with quail eggs

Boyoke Aung San market


In a luxury Myanmar trip, tourirts always want to buy Myanmar’s souvenirs to bring home for their relatives. Thus, there is no place more wonderful than Boyoke Aung San market for shopping. It is the biggest traditional market in Yangon, selling almost Myanmar’s products. Handicraft products, jewelries, souvenirs or even longyi dress are tourists’ favorite products

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Myanmar tour in 4 days

If you take a Myanmar tour 4 days, ideally, you should spend two days in Inle Lake, and two days in Golden Rock, Bagan.

Inle Lake- 2 days

Inle Lake

Inle Lake

From Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay you can reach Inle Lake (Nyaungshwe) with the routes like Yangon – Inle (about 15.000kyat, 16-20 hours), Bagan – Inle (about 11.000kyat, 12 hours, Mandalay – Inle (about 10,000 kyat, 10 hours) respectively.

In Nyaungshwe you can rent an elongated boat, which is very popular here, and take a trip around Inle lake from the morning to the evening with the cost of about $ 10,000 – 20.000kyat. Generally, the price which you directly bargain in the marina is cheaper than the one you ask at the hotel or inn.

Inle is the ideal place for you to breathe the air of the lake surrounded by hills and mountains. You should spend a whole day just sailing on the lake, watching the Myanmar men rowing on foot, visiting Phaung Daw Oo or Phaung daw Oo temple, visiting shops and meeting the long-necked women, buying a plate of beautiful silk woven from water lily’s filaments in the village, going into the tomato fields floating on the lake’s surface, having lunch at the floating restaurant…

The peaceful sunset in Inle Lake

The peaceful sunset in Inle Lake

If you choose to stay right in the lake, the cost will be expensive, especially in the resorts and floating hotels. The backpackers often come back to Nyaungshwe town near the lake to find the accommodation which costs from only USD 5-8/room/night. Joy Hotel Guesthouse is a typical illustration.

A resort on Inle Lake

A resort on Inle Lake

Bago – Kyaikhtiyo- 2 days

In the second half of the Myanmar tour 4 days, you should be visit the Golden Rock Temple.

Kyaikhtiyo or Golden Rock temple is the place where tourists visit most frequently when they take a Myanmar tour 4 days or shorter. This is not because of the time limit but it is the uniqueness of the temple which has dragged the pilgrims’ footsteps to explore this land.

Golden Rock is said to be the place where stores the hairpiece of the Buddha

Golden Rock is said to store the hairpiece of the Buddha

You need at least 2 days to visit one of the treasures of Burma, Kyaikhtiyo temple, which is located on a rock attached to a large cliff. The easiest way is to buy a package tour visiting Bago and Kyaikhtiyo for about 70-100 USD if you don’t have enough time. If you are free, you can travel from Yangon to Kim Pun by bus (the nearest point to reach the Kyaikhtiyo temple) with the cost of about 7000kyats. From Kim Pun, you have to travel in a cramped truck with many passengers to reach the craggy peak with the cost of 1500kyats.

From the last stop of the truck, you need to walk 4km more to go to the Golden Rock temple, but it’s a worth trip to see one of the masterpieces of Myanmar Buddhism constructed by both human and nature.

Tourists shouldn’t sleep at the foot of the mountain because the price is generally high; you can go back to Kim Pun, stay in the hostel for $ 5-8 dollars and catch the early bus to come back to Bago in the following day.

During the journey from Kyaikhtiyo, you can stop in Bago, wander through the temples of the ancient capital and local markets to buy souvenirs. Bago is the old capital with a very slow pace of life. Let things gradually take you away in the final days in Myanmar.

The interesting puppets in Bagan

The interesting puppets in Bagan

Hopefully, the world of the unique Buddhist temples of Myanmar will remain forever in your mind when you leave this fairy land. How simple but attractive is Myanmar.

Tips for Responsible Travel in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia remains one of the poorer areas in the world. Many people are still suffering, both in cities and rural areas, and for many of them, sustainable development of tourism may be the light out of the dark tunnel. And we travelers can help them quite a lot by travel responsibly by a variety of ways. But here are just some small tips for responsible travel in Southeast Asia that you can take along the way.



  1. Don’t give money to beggars, especially children. This will encourage them to keep begging for money, and that’s not good for them. If you want to make a donation, do so via a reputable organization.
  2. Be aware of some common scams such as buying books for schools, milk powder for babies. In most cases, this will not help people you are intending to help.
  3. Don’t give candy or sweets to children. It will affect their dental health.
  4. Research orphanage’s reputation because visiting some orphanages cannot be a good idea.
  5. Respect local culture and abide some rules that you have to. A great example is alms giving ceremony in Luang Prabang.
  6. Support by using services at some restaurants, shops, spas where the poor, or orphans work to earn some income and develop their skills.


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5 Reasons to Practice Tai Chi

A great cruise journey does not just enable passengers discover the destinations, but also engage them in various practical and beneficial experiences such as taking a cooking class or exercising Tai Chi early in the morning.Originally considered as a martial art in China, Tai Chi is now described as “meditation in motion” or even “medication in motion” and has become well known over the world. Many scientific proofs have shown that Tai Chi can help treating or preventing various health issues.Below are 5 of the reasons to practice Tai Chi.

  1. Tai Chi is for everyone

Tai Chi is different from other types of exercises. It involves circular, slow and gentle movements so younever get forced while practicing Tai Chi. Muscles are relaxed rather than tensed, joints are not bent and connective tissues are not stretched. Thus, everyone can easily practice Tai Chi, from men to women, children to the elderly, from the fittest to those who are confined to wheelchairs or rehabilitating from an injury or surgery.


  1. Strength and flexibility

Several studies including one conducted by Stanford University in 2006 has shown that Tai Chi can strengthen both lower and upper body as well as the muscles of the back and abdomen. Women taking part in the 2006 Stanford study also experienced significant improvement in their body’s flexibility.

  1. Balance

Tai Chi reduces falls by enhancing balance ability. Tai Chi training can helps reducing the fear of falling and keeping one’s proprioception (the ability to sense the position of body in space). By these ways, Tai Chi also reduces falls and boosts recovery process from a stumble.

  1. Reduce stress

Many people who practice on a regular basis believe Tai Chi adds tranquility and serenity to their minds. We also believe that it can act as an antidote to the 21st century stress. So if you choose to cruise with us and join us in a Tai Chi session on our deck, you can put life burden aside, let your body loosen and follow the gentle movements while relishing every bit of the ever-changing seascape of Halong Bay.


  1. Last but not least, it’s never too late for you to start

Many passengers who practice Tai Chi on our deck say that was their first time exercising this form of meditation. And some of them still keep practicing after returning from Halong Bay. Hopefully you will enjoy your Tai Chi sessions on your next voyage at the magnificent Halong Bay.

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Ban flower festival

Ban flower festival 2

Ban flower festival ( also known as Xen Muong festival ) is celebrated by the Thai people in February of the lunar year when the Northwest mountains are wrapped with the white of Ban flower. The festival expresses the deep gratitude of the local residents to the great contribution of the ancestors, the gods and prays for good health, peaceful life, good weather, prosperous harvest…

The Ban flower festival represents the cultural feature of the spiritual life of the Thai ethnic minority. They worship “Then” –  a supreme deity of the Thai people, worship “ Miss Ban”- a legendary goddess represents the virginity of the Thai young women and the faithful love of the Thai couple, worship the god of mountain, the god of river, the god of village…for good weather, good harvest, happiness and peaceful life…

Ban flower festival 1

Ban flower

According to the legend of the Thai people,  “ Miss Ban” is a beautiful woman but she has got smallpox. She didn’t got married and decided to live in the Tham Le cave ( belongs to Son Thinh commune, Van Chan district ). Then she exhausted there. The place she died grew a tree with white flowers like the fingers of women. This kind of flower spreads across the Northwest. Annually, the flowers bloom around the mountain in the spring and is called “ Ban flower”


The Ban flower festival is a special occasion of the Thai when the local residents meet each other. Annually the festival is held in the February of the lunar year. The festival taken place 3 times per year attracts talented people all around the village.

The festival is usually celebrated in Tham Le cave with two parts : the ceremony part to worship the gods and the festival part with games and cultural activities to educate people reach to the better things. The ceremony part is performed out side the cave. After the sorcerer asks “Then” to open the gate of the cave, the festival part is celebrated both inside and outside of the cave.

Ban flower festival 2

The activities taken place at night in The Ban flower festival

After the ceremony part is ended, the villagers continue taking part in the festival part with exciting folk games such as con throwing, tug of war, walking on stilts, climbing tree, sing and dance…The laughter of young men and women is commingled with the sounds of the ethnic musical instruments such as drum, khen, pi…..The men both sing and help the women pick up white Ban flower to take home.

Ban flower festival 3

The Thai women perform Xoe dancing in the Ban flower festival

Participating Ban flower festival, tourists will be immersed in the lively atmosphere of the spring in the Northwest area and listen to the sounds of the “pi”, “khen” ( the musical instruments of the ethnic minority groups), enjoy the unique dances of the Xoe dancing. Certainly, you will fall in love with the land, the people here, then you will be reluctant to leave the Northwest region.

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