Because Myanmar is just opened to visitors in recently years, the development of facilities in the country cannot meet demands of the rapidly increasing number of visitors. After one year, the price for tourism services in Myanmar increases by 100%. So the visitors, especially the one who like to have a private Myanmar tour, should read the tips for their safe and economical trip.


Visitors can find modern hostel or stay in a traditional style hotel in Bagan with affordable price. It is picture of Nyaung U Hotel in Myanmar.

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In Myanmar, the price of hotels on Internet can varied from 30 USD to 40 USD per nights. Some visitors can heritage to book a private Myanmar tour, because the price of a single room is nearly similar to a double room. But in fact, it is not difficult to find a resting place in Myanmar. Visitors can choice to book a room on a recommended website, or search directly for a suitable room in each tourism place. Because of the fact that almost of the hotels in Myanmar do not have website, visitors have to work wth an intermediary for a room with higher prices. Some hotels leave their email on the Internet, but they hardly answer guests through email because their rooms are usually fulfilled. However, as long as visitors know the places where the hotels gather, they can easily find a suitable room. In Mandalay, many hotels locate on 85th Road in the city center. In Bagan visitors can easily find a cozy place in Nyaung-Oo. In Nyaungshwe, the place around the market (about 2 minutes on foot from bus station) and in Yagon, China Town are streets of hotels. Go out from the bus, visitors can take a motorbike or taxi and ask them for the places. Even in the high peak of tourism, visitors can find a satisfied room.

In fact, the rooms in almost of the hotels are not too expensive. For a single room with fully equipped in a guest house and hotel, the price is from 15-20 USD per night. There are some hotels with affordable price for private tour: Joe Lay Guesthouse (Mandalay), Eden Motel (Bagan), Winner Guesthouse (Bagan) and Diamond Star Hotel (Nyaungshwe, Inle Lake). The price includes breakfast with omelet, breads, butter and jam, coffee, juice and fruits. In Joe Lay Guesthouse, they offer breakfast with Myanmar style (noodle with vegetable, fried rice and so on).


Joe Yoe Lay, a hostel locates near the city center of Mandalay, has very cozy rooms and satisfied service.

The service in hotels is perfect. Almost of the rooms are fully equipped and clean. The hotels offer cheap and very convenient laundry service (about 0.5 USD for a pair of pant and shirt). The staff members are enthusiastic and friendly. They can help visitors to plan their trips, call the taxi or motorbike or book the ticket at any time. Some staff can wake up early to prepare breakfast for visitors and help them for their trips, or check in/out at 3 or 4 a.m. Because there are many buses arrived so the staff members work nearly 24/24.

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