Making Your Ways To Laos

Even though having limited facilities, Laos still remains as a wonderful country to visit, in Southeast Asia region. Hanging out with the friendliest, gentlest Laotians while exploring around, learning about the unique traditions of “The Land of Million Elephants”.

Top Reasons Why

Mesmeric Natural Beauty

Laos is placed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site
Laos is placed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Laos was for so many years isolated from the rest of the world and is now placed as UNESCO World Heritage Centre. Either you take a stroll around the town of Vang Vieng to be amazed at its laidback countryside landscape beauty or wander around the only royal city of the whole country Luang Prabang, whether you take a multiday trek or just a bike ride to get away from the bustling city, Laos is indeed the ideal place for you.

Archeological Wonders

The Plain Of Jars
The Plain Of Jars

Coming to Laos to visit the country’s most unusual attraction the Plain of Jars with its 5-ton-stone-and-clay jars of mysterious origin, Wat Phu or pre-Angkor Khmer ruins, there are always some magnificent wonder for every wanderlust wanderers.

Unique Buddhism Customs

Young Monks At That Luang, Laos
Young Monks At That Luang, Laos

Laotians are devoted for Buddhism in many ways. Observing or taking participation in the morning alms giving in Luang Prabang might be a magical experience at the start of your exploration. Sitting in a temple to chat with novice monks while being surrounded by the sounds of chanting and chiming bells will definitely give you some extremely insightful information about this country of long rich Buddhism traditions.

The Mekong River

Mekong is considered the lifeline of Laos. Travelling it down the mighty river or stop at one of its 4000 islands for your chance of spotting out some freshwater undersea majestic creatures.

When to go

Laos has a tropical climate with two distinctive seasons: the dry and the monsoon. During the winter months of dry season, which is from November to February, it is the best time to tour to Laos. Nevertheless, in the rainy season, the country will usually be greener and less crowded with lots of discount offers for the services.

Laos Travel Tips



If you are planning on discovering the country’s impenetrable jungle in its mountainous area, the only most practical way is travelling by air. The most two common options that travelers usually choose is to depart from Bangkok or Thailand. Bangkok Air has daily flights from Bangkok to Luang Prabang while Thai Air flies frequently to Vientiane. Laos Airlines, even though charges a little bit more expensive prices, provides frequent flights from Bangkok to Luang Prabang and Vientiane as well as to other provincial cities such as Parkse or Savannakhet.

Worry not if you’re on a budget, a network of bus services covers almost the entire country. For those who prefer assigned seats with more legroom and few stops, take a VIP bus instead of the regular type. Tuk-tuk or minivans have also become the common mean of transportation between cities or eventually, might be a bit quicker with the same prices as buses.

Adventurous travelers can board some boats to cruise along the Mekong River. This is unquestionably a way to gain yourself that exotic and memorable travel.

Health And Safety

Consider buying international health insurance to cover yourself while travelling to Laos as Laos’ health care is nowhere near to other countries in Southeast Asia.

Laos is fairly free of crime in tourist areas. Even though crimes like pickpocket, robbery are rare, you still should be careful when visiting the crowded areas. Never leave your luggage unattended.

In the countryside, if you are taking a trek, watch out for unexplored ordnance left from the Vietnam War, especially within the grounds of Xieng Khuang and Hua Phan provinces or some places around the Southern Laos.

In conclusion, it’s always better not to wander off the well-traveled trails.

Money Matters

Laos Money
Laos Money

The national currency of Laos is the Laos Kip (LAK). The current official exchange rate of LAK is approximately 8000 Kip to one US dollar.

There are also several ATM machines throughout the country so changing your international money to kip won’t be much of a big issue anymore.

Keep in mind that credit card usage is limited. Only few hotels and restaurants accept this kind of payment. If you exchange your money in a bank, you will be normally charged for an extra 5% as service fee.

Border Crossing

Friendship Bridge
Friendship Bridge

There are several ways to cross Laos through numerous land and river. The busiest is the Friendship Bridge that spans the Mekong River at the east of Vientiane from Thailand. You can also enter Laos from Cambodia at Voeung Kam or from Mohan in China’s Yunnan Province, at Boten.

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Experience 10 wonderful things in Mandalay, Myanmar (part 1)

Mandalay in Myanmar is the place which contains the both attractive and mysterious beauty will become much closer ever through the camera lens of famous blogger, Philipp

Below is 10 interesting experiences you should not miss when traveling to Myanmar, especially Mandalay as Philipp’s suggestion:

Rent a bike and discover the city as your own preference


Bike is the popular means of transport in Mandalay with cheap price. Before renting, you need to ensure that your bike is still in good condition, so that you can feel at rest that it will not breakdown on street. There are many interesting places in Mandalay you can visit by bike easily as the traffic system in the city is quite favorable and wide. More importantly, while you move by bike, you will realize that there are lots of interesting things that are sometimes worthier than visiting any famous place

Visit a gold foil workshop



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What people are often impressed when traveling to Myanmar may be gold because gold is not only used for decoration on Buddha statues, outside the pagoda but also gilded on the ceiling or furniture in many wealthy families. Moreover, Myanmar people seldom send money into the bank, instead, they often buy gold to worship for the pagoda. That is the reason why many gold foil workshops develop quickly

King Galon is one of the most famous and long-standing gold foil workshops in Mandalay. When visiting there, you will observe the way to make gold foil. People in King Galon are friendly and enthusiastic so maybe you are allowed to try the hammer ram on the gold pack. This is a tough job but it is worthy

Visit stone sculpture workshops


Mandalay is the city owning many handicraft workshops, in which the stone sculpture is more remarkable. You can visit Sagaing area to see the stone sculpture workshops. The area seems to be covered by the smooth dirt from marbles. On the streets, you will see the skilful workers polishing their sculptures. One surprise is that you will see that they do not use any draft samples

Visit Maha Muni pagoda


Maha Muni is the most sacred pagoda in Mandalay. It ranks the second after Shwedagon pagoda in Yangon on the fame. The pagoda is very beautiful and large with quite a lot doors and corridors to the main area. You will be impressed by the gilded Buddha statue of 4 meters in height inside the pagoda. The special thing is that only men are allowed to come into while women only see it from the outside. Going inside and you will feel the holy atmosphere as well as the worshipping of local people with their belief

Relax at Shwenandaw monastery


After riding a bike and walking around the areas in Mandalay, it is time to take a break and Shwenandaw is the ideal place. It is a famous monastery built by tek wood. It is so exciting to sit to relax and sightsee the complex sculptures of the monastery

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Chicken fortune telling for marriage in Myanmar

Traveling to Myanmar to discover the chicken fortune telling for marriage of Myanmar people. When visiting Ko-e ethnic group in Myanmar, tourists will see a special costume that is they often observe chicken to tell marriage future.

Previously, if it is not good, the marriage will be failed. Nowadays, most of marriages will be decided by parents of two sides. If the parents of the woman agree, they will hold the wedding for her.


At first, the groom’s family will ask the village head and the matchmaker to come to the bride’s family for marriage agreement, the wedding will be held in the very early morning when people are still sleeping. They do that because if the marriage will not succeed, it will not affect the relationship of two families

In the morning, the wedding will watch the chicken bone one more time to tell the fortune and luck of the groom and bride. The result of chicken fortune telling is often like what they do when asking for engagement

When the wedding is held, the groom and bride will eat in one table. After the wedding, the bride will be taken to the groom’s house by friends. At the groom’s house, the bride and her friends will pretend to grind rice and then, the bride pretend to carry water to pour into the big jar. The groom will do the same. Before that, the groom will symbolically work at the bride’s house. In that day, after the bride cook rice alcohol, she will sleep at the groom’s house and then come back home in the next day


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When traveling to Myanmar, tourists will see one more special thing of locals, which is Ko-e ethnic group will make wedding without making love because after getting married, they have to live away from each other from 15 days to one month. In the morning, they will come to the partner’s house to work and come back home in the morning to rest. If the husband wants to come to the wife’s house, he has to sneak in the midnight. After 15 days to one month, they will officially live in one roof

This ethnic group also has the custom of re-getting married. The first time is when they are young and the second time is when they have the 3rd – 4th child or 5th – 6th child

However, they seriously perform the policy of one spouse. If the wife has affair with other man, she will be look down or even killed. That man at least must compensate the husband and the wife must kill a cow to do penance in front of all villagers. What a strange and unique custom!

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Being one of seven emirates in the United Arab Emirates, located at the South of the Persian Gulf of the Arabian Peninsula, Dubai travel has almost everything to offer to each and every single traveler. Coming here to conquer the golden dunes, discover the sandy desert or explore the city of luxury and opulence, there are still quite a few things you should get to know in advance as they might usually come in handy at anytime of the day.

6. Check the duration of your visa

Check the duration of your visa
Check the duration of your visa

As same as every other oversea journey you make, there is always a need to make sure that you have illegal visa duration for your vacation. If you go as a solo traveler, do pay attention to your visa duration. If you book tour package at one of the many available travel agencies, it won’t be much of a concern as they will take care of everything for you

7. Be careful when using your own vehicle

You can drive your own vehicle in Dubai
You can drive your own vehicle in Dubai

There are always lots of available public vehicles to use at Dubai. Though, if you had an international driving license, you could drive around Dubai with your own vehicle. If you happened to get in an accident, just keep calm and wait for the police.

8. Prepare your own charger

Bring your own charger
Bring your own charger

3-pin plug is the standard plug across the whole UAE. However, it would be the best to prepare your owner by bringing an adapter with you; it might always come in handy.

9. Public display of affection is restricted

Showing affection in public is prohibited
Showing affection in public is prohibited

Showing affection publicly in Dubai is considered an action that goes against the local government’s law, similarly to homosexuality. Since Dubai follows the Sharia-religious law of Islam, some tourist sites even advise for couples to arrange their accommodation in separated rooms.

1. Strictly follow the dress code

Strictly follow the dress code
Strictly follow the dress code

Dubai is a Muslim country so pay attention strongly to your customs. Women can wear swimsuit at the beach or pool, however, it is prohibited in public places. For men, do not go out with only shorts. You will be given unwanted stare by the locals.

Dubai is a wonderful country, an attractive destination for every traveler. If you want more insight information about Dubai Travel, please contact Exotic Voyages.


Being one of seven emirates in the United Arab Emirates, located at the South of the Persian Gulf of the Arabian Peninsula, Dubai travel has almost everything to offer to each and every single traveler. Coming here to conquer the golden dunes, discover the sandy desert or explore the city of luxury and opulence, there are still quite a few things you should get to know in advance as they might usually come in handy at anytime of the day.

  1. Pay attention to your travel insurance
Travel Insurance
Travel Insurance

Some insurance companies will not cover the costs if you experience health problems while travelling. Therefore, it is strongly crucial to get it checked with your insurance company beforehand or purchase a travel insurance package before your departure as travelling to Dubai, it might be relatively easy to buy medicines at any regional drug stores, however, if you have to be hospitalized, the costs for treatment as well as the costs to take you back to your country is incredibly expensive.

  1. Be careful while capturing your photographs
Taking Pictures
Taking Pictures

Never take photographs of the locals especially women when you don’t have their permission. Remember you’re not allowed to take pictures in places such as in front of government buildings, military bases, ports or other places with similar properties.

  1. Do not drink alcohol in public
Drinking Alcohol
Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol is restricted in Dubai, however, you can have them at some free tax stores in the city. If you’re a foreign traveler, you won’t be able to buy alcohol in the local stores and always bear in mind that if you get drunk in public, you will be fined as same as drinking while driving.

  1. Be conscious of your personal medicines
Carrying Medicines
Carrying Medicines

 Make sure with your personal doctors for the medicines that you could carry with yourself while travelling just in case you will get jailed for carrying illegal drugs.

  1. Never exchange your cash in public
Exchanging Cash
Exchanging Cash

Never exchange your cash for local currency in public places in the city as not only you might not be able to receive the full amount but also it might lead you to some bad situations such as bring pick pocketed  or robbed.

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Why you should travel to Vietnam in Tet Holiday

Tet Festival in Vietnam

Vietnamese people as well as some other countries’ in the Southeast Asia usually have their New Year Festival based on the Lunar Calendar besides the International Calendar. Therefore, visiting these countries in their New Year Festival vacation is completely interesting for many travelers.

Tet Festival in Vietnam
Tet Festival in Vietnam

In Vietnam, the Lunar New Year Festival is also called ‘Tet’ Festival when there are a plenty of carnival and celebrating activities taken place across the country. Vietnam- a country of people love peace and are very hospitable to welcome international friends has been always remaining an attractions to many people in other countries. In this writing I will show you some amazing things about the Tet Festival in Vietnam that would make you want to experience it by yourself.

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Tet Holiday in Vietnam is full of flowers, lanterns, and smiling faces.

It is said that Tet is the most important and majestic festival in the year. It is the time for Vietnamese people to celebrate the new coming year, look back to give thanks to their ancestors. More importantly, Tet is the occasion for reunion. Even if you are working in a city far away from home, your mind is always up towards your family, and Tet is the time for you to come back to your beloved home, welcome the New Year together with your loved ones.

To prepare for Tet holidays, Vietnamese residents will clean up their house, buy some other furniture or ornaments to make their house more beautiful and cozy. In the streets, you will see a lot of flowers, lanterns and celebrating banners in colors. The popular trees in Tet Holiday are Kumquat tree, Peach blossom, and
Apricot blossom. However, the thing that makes the streets feel like more vibrant, happier is the smiling faces of people here. They are up to a myriad of stuff to prepare for the festival, but they always feel good for that because they have a hope for a new happy year coming.

Chung Cake
Chung Cake

Tet’s special dishes always have an irresistible attraction.

In Tet’s food menu of most Vietnamese wives and mothers, there are some dishes that cannot be dismissed such as ‘Chung’ cake, boiled chickens, or pickled onion. They all belong to the tradition of residents here thousands of years back and also reflect the beautiful and precious culture of Vietnam. I am sure that if you try these dishes in one day of Tet holiday, you can feel all the tasteful favor blended with Tet atmosphere inside your mouth.

Let’s join some exciting celebrating activities in Tet Holiday in Vietnam.

Besides fireworks display or national New Year music shows in many big cities, the special thing about Tet’s activities is that each town and region has its own distinctive type of game and completion for people to take part in. For instance, in Sapa town, the festival is warmed up with some interesting competitions such as Giao Duyen singing contest (where a boy and girl sing traditional love songs to express their love for each other), pan-pipe playing and dancing, “nem con” (a game in which boys and girls throw cloth balls) and feasting. The whole fun and excitement of these activities cannot be entirely described by words that you will feel that only if you take the real actions.

I hardly can express all the good things about Lunar New Year Festival in Vietnam within one or two pages, but there is one thing I am completely sure that it would worth your while to travel there and enjoy Tet Holiday in Vietnamese way. When the New Year moment has just come, just try to say ‘Chuc mung nam moi’ (as ‘Happy new year’) to others.

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Top things to do in Myanmar

Being different from Thailand and Cambodia, Myanmar does not have cheap tours, recreated facilities or modern services. But it is an interesting destination to ones who prefer adventure tours because of the wild and original look. And there are some suggestions for Myanmar tour package to discover the Buddhist country.

In Yangon


Yangon streets are noisy and they are curious visitors by English architectural houses. On the street, right-hand drive cars go on the right lines and even the traffic is sometimes noisy, the appearance of police is rarely. The city is peaceful and friendly, especially in the early morning, when everything is covered by a thick coat of fog. Most of the stores and offices open at 9 a.m so before that, streets are so quite that visitors can hear songs of birds. Drink a cup of coffee on Sky Bistro Building – one of the highest buildings in the city, visitors can capture Yangon view with small houses and big golden pagodas. Myanmar has thousands of pagodas and most of them were built in 6th century. 90% of the population in Myanmar is Buddhists.

A very famous pagoda that visitors choose to travel during Myanmar tour package is Shwedagon Pagoda– the symbol of Yangon. It stores clothe, stick and hairpieces of Buddha, and 3 series of Tripitaka. Was built in 6th century and after undergoing many changes, Shwedagon was recognized as the biggest pagoda of Myanmar in 15th century. During the six centuries, the pagoda is covered and decorated with the total weight of 80 tons of gold.

In Bagan City


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It is 600 km from Bagan to Yangon and visitors can go there by high-quality bus. Although the stations are small and they serve hundreds of buses at one time, the quality of services is higher than that in some developing countries. The weather in Bagan is quite variable: in the morning the temperature is about 17°C but can rise to 36°C at midday. In history, Bagan had more than 4000 temples and pagodas but nowadays it conserves 3000; many of them are Myanmar cultural heritages.

In Bagan, visitors should visit Shwezigon – the first golden and also the most sacred pagoda in Bagan, and Ananda Pagoda – the most beautiful one. In the pagodas stand gigantic Buddha statues coated with gold. Hiring a bike or having a seat on horse cart to travel around the relics would be interesting memories to visitors.

A trip to Bagan will not be perfect if missing the moments of watching the sunset at the top of Pyat That Gyl Temple. A ticket to go there costs 15 USD and visitors should prepare camera to capture the unique view.

In Shan State


Locates at the center of Myanmar, Inle Lake is a famous destination in Shan State. It costs 10 USD for ticket to visit the second largest fresh water lake in Myanmar. The environment in Inle is very clean. Visitors can stay on boat to enjoy fresh atmosphere, watch local people catching fish and visit organic floating farm. Around the lake are traditional craft villages, where produce valuable cloths made of lotus and organic cigars made of natural herbs and trees.

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4 interesting tourist destinations when traveling to Yangon, Myanmar

When traveling to Myanmar, tourists never forget Yangon capital city which is the largest visitor center in Myanmar gathers a lot of famous tourist destination and diverse tourism services. Definitely, tourists have to visit Shwedagon pagoda, Botataung pagoda, Bogyoke Aunge San market and China Town because they are interesting destinations in Yangon, Myanmar

Shwedagon pagoda


Yangon is the first stop in a luxury Myanmar tour as simply, it is the national largest visitor center and transshipment terminal to other famous places. Shwedagon golden pagoda is the place tourists must visit in Yangon as this magnitude pagoda is referred to as the symbol of Myanmar. Until now, no one dares to confirm the time to build this golden pagoda but according to many theories, it has more than 2000 years. Currently, Shwedagon pagoda stores 4 sacred valuables of Buddha. The pagoda is gilded with the thin gold leaves creating the specially attractive color in the dawn or sunset. In addition, it is decorated with thousands of diamonds and rubies

Botataung pagoda


After visiting Shwedagon pagoda, the next destination should be Botataung pagoda which is an interesting place in Yangon. The pagoda is located along the riverbank of the city. Its name meaning is thousands of generals as it was built for worshipping and supporting the generals in Myanmar’s army. The first impression tourists can feel when visiting the pagoda is the dazzlement by gilded ceiling and walls. In the pagoda, there is Buddha’s relics. The space is bot peaceful and solemn to help tourists feel relaxed

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China Town


In most of big cities in Southest Asia, tourists can find it easy to meet Chinese community living with local people and Yangon is not exceptional. Chinese people live and work with the great number so they create an interesting culture feature to attract tourists. In China Town as a small China with stores selling food, clothes and household goods, the living style seems to be unchanged. Besides, tourists can go for a walk around the night market in China Town to enjoy Myanmar’s delicious dishes such as Shan dumpling, Shan noodle and coconut cake with quail eggs

Boyoke Aung San market


In a luxury Myanmar trip, tourirts always want to buy Myanmar’s souvenirs to bring home for their relatives. Thus, there is no place more wonderful than Boyoke Aung San market for shopping. It is the biggest traditional market in Yangon, selling almost Myanmar’s products. Handicraft products, jewelries, souvenirs or even longyi dress are tourists’ favorite products

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Thanakha – Secret for beautifying skin of Myanmar

If traveling to Myanmar, even once, you definitely see the images of the girls with the white lines as mud or paint on their faces in Yangon, Mandalay, Nay Pyi Taw…. Even if you have never been to Myanmar, you can easily catch the special faces like that when searching for the information about this country of golden pagodas. Maybe at that time, you will wonder yourself: what is that? Or how does it work?

As far as we know, similar to other Southeast Asian countries, Myanmar has hot climate around the year. Thus, their skin becomes dark brown. However, their skin are always strong, smooth and has far less spots. What is the secret to help Myanmar women beautify their skin without using much cosmetics? It is thanks to Thanakha powder – a unique cosmetic powder of Myanmar. The white lines on Burmese girls’ faces in the pictures or on the streets you see are from the Thanakha powder

Origin of Thanakha powder

Thanakha powder has been used from 14th century by Myanmar people. It was created from Thanankha wood in Myanmar. This wood is considered as typical feature of Myanmar and planted in many places nationwide.

When making Thanakha powder, they will cut the wood into pieces and whet with a rock absorbing water. The white powder will be used to put on the face


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Myanmar people use this powder for cheeks and noses. Besides, Thanakha is put on neck and ears. Almost parts of skin exposing to the sunlight will be covered with this powder. Additionally, they can use the powder to draw diverse and eye catchy patterns on children’ faces

Value of Thanakha powder

Thanakha has been used for over 2000 years by Burmese people. Its powder was used every day and known as an effective and economical cosmetic product. It can cool the face skin and remove the skin blemishes such as freckles, blackheads, acnes and rashes. Moreover, Thanakha is believed to increase Collagen Elastin production to protect skin from being anti-aging and dry. Natural Thanakha contains no chemicals and oil mixture that are used in traditional cosmetic products so it causes no allergy and side effects. Additionally, the powder is favored by its comfortable aroma as the santal wood aroma


Thanakha’s meaning to Myanmar people

Not only does Thanakha be a cosmetic product but also it has important meaning to Myanmar people. To Myanmar, applying Thanakha powder on their faces will help them to avoid evils and bad lucks. It is said that the powder will bring lucks to those who use it

Applying Thanakha powder on the face is both skin beauty secret and distinctive cultural tradition of Burmese people. If traveling to Myanmar, you should try applying a little Thanakha powder on your faces to feel the cooling sense.

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Travel the ancient village in Myanmar

Although Mingun is not the most famous place for tourism in Myanmar, it was listed together with Inwa Village, Sagaing Village as hundred year old villages in the urban of the ancient capital Mandalay. One day visit the nearby river village will bring visitors many unforgettable feeling and impression for their travelling in Burma.

Visitors should start from Mandalay harbor, go downstream along Ayeyarwedy – a 2.170 meter length river, which goes along the lengthwise of Myanmar and go to Mingun village. The journey attracts people at the very first sight of both familiar and strange landscapes along the banks of the river. Visitors may feel familiar to the very normal daily activities of the residents on the river. But in the immaculate sunlight of the dawn, everything exudes a fresh and pure appearance as if they are looked though a magic lens.


Relic of Mingun pagoda

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Being separated by a river, the two banks of Ayeyarwedy River have very different looks. While the Westside stays near the developed center of Mandalay and visitors can easily recognize high woody buildings surrounded by green gardens, the Eastside has the look of a desert with shining yellow sandbanks and small thatched houses. However, in both sides, the life of local people happens slow and static.

The canoe move expressly on the surface of the river and bring visitors to the port of the village. In front of the village stands a hundred-year-old Iapan tree with resplendent red flowers as guarding god of the village. The wind of tourism blows to the river with the appearance of some small stalls selling hand-made pictures and souvenirs. But luckily, the villagers still keep their rustic and simple souls. There is no place for soliciting or disputing visitors for buying souvenirs, so tourism activities are similar to other work such as fishing and on field working.

The first destination should be the undone relic of Mingun pagoda – a very ambitious construction of Bodawpaya King. The gigantic pagoda was started in 1790 and at first, it was planned to be 150 meter height. But after that, the building of Mingun pagoda was stop because of a prophecy: the King would die after the pagoda was built. Even being undone, the standing of the relic look like a small hill is enough to makes visitors contemplate and admire.


Hsinbyume Pagoda

Before travelling to Burma, visitors can see the image of Hsinbyume Pagoda in the guidebook of the country. But they will have very strong impression while looking at the pagoda in real life. Was named after Queen Hsinbyuma, the pagoda was built by King Bagyidaw in 1816 as tribute to his wife. The architecture of the pagoda was simulated the magic mountain Meru – a mountain was believed to be the center of the universe with seven white winding banisters represent seven surrounding mountains.

Visitors can climb to the highest floor to enjoy the moments of silence and watch the panoramic view of Mingun Village and Ayeyarwady River. The river is friendly and rustic. On the bank, the Iapan tree leans to mirror in the water. And away from the village, woody boats with blue sails seem to standing still on the blue river on the horizon.

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