Top three pagodas muss seen in Myanmar

Once talking to exclusive Myanmar holiday, every people may think about the golden pagodas with different architectures.

Myanmar, also known as Burma, is one of the most beautiful wonders in the world. It is called land of Buddhism. On Sagaings hill on the bank of Irrawddy River, there are many pagodas and monasteries, which are living place of more than 5000 nuns and monks. In the morning, visitors may see the monks bringing small bowls and walking around for food donation. Almost of the local people stay in pagoda for at least a few months, and many families have to save money to prepare for their sons or daughters to live there. In Myanmar, there is a worship day names Shin-pyu, in which young people will be accepted to live in pagoda after taking some rituals.

There are some pagodas in Bagan that visitors can travel in exclusive Myanmar holiday.

Golden Rock (Mon State)


Locates about 200 km from Yangon, Golden Rock stays about 1.100 meters above the sea level. It belongs to a small pagoda names Kyaiktyo. Golden Rock is well known among visitors because of its wanderous position and special appearance.

Kyaiktyo Pagoda lies at the top of the rock and if visitors want to visit the pagoda, they have to pass over the rock. The surface of the rock is covered by gold and there is an unspoken rule among Myanmar people that only men can stand near the rock.

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Shwedagon Pagoda


Shwedagon Pagoda locates in the city of Yangon. It is the most famous and respectful place in Myanmar. It is the place preserve 4 treasures of Buddha includes Kakusandha Buddha stick, a piece cloth of Kassapa Buddha, a treasure to make pure water of Koṇāgamana Buddha and 8 hairpieces of Shakyamuni Buddha. All of the treasures are kept in the main temple – a temple has 99 meter height. The temple locates at the top of Singuttara Hill, where visitors can capture the whole Yangon.

From the foothill, there are four ways lead to Shwedagon Pagoda and each way is guarded by a couple statues of stone lions. On the east and south roads lie many stores selling worshipping objects and spiritual practice tools.

Shwezigon Pagoda


Shwezigon is the second largest pagoda in Myanmar. It stays in Bagan – the ancient capital. Was built in 12th century, the pagoda has a magnificent design. The pagoda is covered by very thin slices of gold; and under the sunlight, visitors can see the pagoda shining. Even in normal days, the pagoda is still noisy with local Buddhists.

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Shwedagon Pagoda – Golden Icon of Myanmar

It was a belief among Myanmar people that Shwedagon – a pagoda was built more than 2.500 years ago, keeps inside 8 hairpieces of Buddha. It is the largest and one of the most respectful pagodas in Myanmar. Shwedagon is a complex of small pagodas and temples, and visitors from bespoke Myanmar tours are always amused by a 99 meter height temple. Almost of the pagodas are coated with gold and decorated with hundreds gems and to many bespoke Myanmar tours, Shwedagon is usually the first destination.


Locates near the center of Yangon, Shwedagon is one of the most worshipful places in Myanmar. Eve in weekdays, it is still crowded with Buddhists.

Stays at the peak of Singuttara Hill, Shwedagon is both spacious and majesty. In four directions lie the steps lead into the pagoda. The north gate of the pagoda has a couple statues of lions, which have the height of 9 meters, look to the direction of the city center.

Visitors have to pay 5 USD for ticket to get into Shwedagon. The golden pagoda is the most well-known pagoda in Myanmar and it is also famous worldwide thanks to its religious design. Every people has to leave his shoes outside and walks barefoot to visit the pagoda. The moment of sunset is also the noisiest period of the place, when local people finish their work and go there to pray. No one knows exactly when Shwedagon was built; even oldest persons heard stories about the existence of the thousand-year-old place from their parents. According to some archaeologists, Shwedagon was built 2.500 years ago.


Both of the main temple and surrounding pagodas are covered by thin slices of gold. At the top of the main temple hang thousands of golden and silver bells.

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The complex of golden pagoda includes 1.000 temples and smaller pagodas surrounding the 99-meter-height temple. Among them, there are 72 pagodas made of stone. The others are covered by gold. They worship Buddha and place Buddha statues in the most respectful places. In the sunrise and sunset, visitors can see the roofs of the pagodas shining.

The more visitors are attracted by the appearance of the golden complex, the more they are overwhelmed by architecture inside the pagodas and the main temple. Almost of the furniture is carved by sophisticated craftsmen and they are covered with 8.690 slices of gold. And all visitors will be amused to know that the pagoda is decorated with 5.450 diamonds in all sizes and 2.320 gems! Moreover, the main temple is coated by 9.300 golden slices with total weight of 500 kg.

As recommended from bespoken Myanmar tours, the most suitable time to visit the unique pagoda is sunset. All visitors should wear long pants and long shirts because it is a requirement of the Buddhism country.

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What will you do if you have a 7-day luxury Myanmar trip?

It is suggested that you should visit Inle Lake, Bagan ancient capital and Golden Rock Mountain and spend 2 days on each to discover all the special things for a luxury Myanmar trip.

Bagan ancient capita: 2 days


Bagan still has more than 2000 pagodas and temples on the area of 42 km2. You should rent a carriage or a bike to visit around Bagan all day without any rush. You can enjoy the mysterious dawn and sunset on the balloon. The streets on Bagan is very clean with the two parallel lines of green trees. Local people are friendly, simple and hospitable.

Far from Bagan about 45 minutes by car is Taung Kalat Temple located on the top of Popa volcano is the spiritual house of Myanmar people. It is believed that the volcano is the home to the supreme Nat deity, relating to the Olympus Mountain. With the peaceful and relaxing feelings, trying to live as slow as possible is what Bagan will bring to you in 2-day luxury Myanmar trip.

Inle Lake: 2 days


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Different from the overwhelmed and admirable feelings when standing in front of the Bagan ancient temple, Inle Lake will make you feel tiny among the immense lake sparkling the rays of sunlight.

It is typical to row a boat by foot in Inle Lake. Not only do you feel very relaxed in here when sitting in a boat through villages along the bank of the lake, local children with Thanakan lines waving their hands enthusiastically but also remember the moment of from waiting for the sunset to the sunlight hidden behind the mountain range when you sit silently on the boat bobing on the waves. Then, all left is the quiet and peaceful lake area.

Golden Rock Mountain: 2 days


In Golden Rock, there is a Kyaiktiyo pagoda on the mountain, 1.100m above sea level. This sacred rock has a cliffy position on another rock (only 78 cm2 of surface exposes with that rock). Although the golden surface right near the mountain edge is on the falling at any time, it turns out to stand firmly through many years.

There is 7.3-meter church tower on the top. Many people strongly said that thanks to a hair-made “sarira” (seven colors head shrine) of Buddha, the rock can exist in 2000 years

If having a luxury Myanmar trip, you should spend one night staying there to listen to the tinkle of wind bell and chanting sound in murmurs to make your soul feel restful and the extremely close link between the present and the past.

Yangon capital: 1 day

You should spend one day in Yangon capital paying a visit to Shwsdagon pagoda, Bogyoke Aung San market and Sule pagoda. Buit in more than 2.500 years, Shwedagon has been known as the place keeping 8 hair strands of Buddha. The main tower of the pagoda is 98m high and covered by 30 tons of gold and hundreds of diamonds

Not only does Bogyoke jewelry market sell jewelries but almost the handicraft products of Myanmar with the price ranging from hundreds to ten thousands kyat.

Sule pagoda has the unique feature of Mon group’s architecture with the octagonal shape to the top. Around the pagoda, there are 10 bronze bells with years and the name of prayers carved on. 4 presbyteries have lots of banana and coconut. On the floor is the large marble foot prints known as the Buddha feet are decorated with golden leaves. It also keeps a hair strand the Buddha gave to two Myanmar business brothers as a lagend.

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Top 10 Myanmar travel destinations

Myanmar is a holy land of Buddha with golden pagodas, monks in red and ancient monasteries. Additionally, many beautiful landscapes in Myanmar is the key to keep the tourists.

We are honored to introduce top 10 Myanmar travel destinations you must know when having a Burma luxury travel


  • Shwedagon pagoda (Yangon)


It is the golden symbol of Myanmar with 2.500 years old. The top of the golden tower is 98 meters in height with many smaller towers around. Through wars and disasters, Shwedagon is still the pagoda of the first magnitude in the world



  • Golden Rock (Mon State)


Far from Yangon about 200km, the rock located on 1.100 in height with the small pagoda Kyaiktyo creates a unique complex. Golden Rock is famous for its tottery level and golden surface.

If you want to go to Kyaiktyo on the top, you surely walk through this golden rock.



  • Shwezigon pagoda (Bagan)


Located in Bagan (the ancient capital of Pagan kingdom, there is gather of small and medium sized temples), Shwezigon is the second largest golden pagoda in Myanmar. It was built in 12th century. Its structure is as sparkling as Shwedagon does.



  • Shwesandaw (Bagan)


If you are in Bagan, come to visit Shwesandaw in the sunset to enjoy the scene of the sun that is down. Standing from the pagoda, you can view all legendary Bagan. With thousands of temples and towers.




  • Ananda temple


Also located in Bagan, Ananda was built in the 11th – 12th century. This is the eloquent evidence for a resplendent time of Bagan capital and the unique architect of Bagan kindom


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  • Mahamuni (Mandalay)


Mandalay is the ancient capital of Myanmar, where there are many pagodas, temples and the great number of monks. Mahamuni temple that is the golden symbol of Mandalay was built in 18th century



  • Inhwa village (Mandalay)


Inhwa is a beautiful village on Ayeyarwady river bank. This ancient village is the famous travel destination with valuable relics such as Bagaya Kyaung monastery built by 267 giant wood poles. Remarkably, the lifestyle or living way as the customs and habits in hundreds of years is also a unique feature to attract tourists.



  • Mingun village (Madalay)


Mingun has lots of historical relics and landscapes, in which, the most remarkable things are Mingun bell and a pair of Chinthe statues, considered as the valuables. Chinthe (half lemon and half dragon) is a giant couple of statues.



  • Ubein bridge (Mandalay)


Ubein bridge in ancient Amarapura village is the world’s longest wood-made bridge (1.2km). Nearly 2000-year-old bridge across the river is the way to home of the villagers in Amarapura. The sunset scene on Ubein bridge is so strongly impressive and bright that all tourists will remember forever.



  • Inle Lake (Shan)


With 11km in width, 22km in length from the north to the south, when floating in the lake, you will experience different emotions.


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Inle Lake

Being far war away from the burning weather in the Ancient Capital Bagan, Nyangshwe Town (locates in Shan, Myanmar) welcome visitors with the cool and fresh air. Stays on the height of 800 meter above sea level, the temperature in Nyanshwe is balanced by Inle Lake (the second largest fresh water in Myanmar with the surface area of 250 km2). It is the most suitable place for a holiday to Burma. The best time to visit Inle Lake is from September to October. It is a period of many traditional festivals and during the time, the water in the lake is full so visitors can easily travel around by boat.


Fisherman throw cage to trap fish.

The only transport for visitors in Inle Lake is electric boat. The boat has a tapered shape with the look of bamboo leave with a sharp end. Sitting on the boat, visitors can notice the white waves made by the duck-legs, and they and cause large ripples on the crystal lake. Enjoying the wild life, watching normal activities of local people and being surprised by the romantic landscape are the best way for visitors to spend holidays to Burma. It cost around 15-20 USD per day for a boat (it can bring 4-5 persons).

The boat is designed to travel with both low and high speed, and they can easily wriggle around narrow and shallow canals, go through viscous mud appears in dry season and pass though thickets of reeds to bring visitor to small floating villages. Intha people that live on resources of Inle Lake have the skill of rowing in blood. They can easily control the movement of their boats by leg. They stand at the end of the boat and with one hand holding their boats, their legs skillfully drive the paddles. The other hand, they use to trawling. The most common tools used by fisherman in Inle Lake are large cages to fish trapping. Because of the fact that seaweed in Inle Lake flourishes and grows densely, they cannot use big trawls. However, in some floating houses, visitors can encounter wide trawls keeping hundred fish. Normal fresh water fish in Inle Lake have the weight around 2-3 kg.


Floating villages locate on the water surface.

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Besides fishing, local people on Inle Lake have unique technique for growing hydroponic tomatoes. On the water surface, local people build bamboo pillar to make rig and collect seaweed to make a special “soil” for tomato growing. Step by the step, they make the floating garden the largest tomato supporter in Myanmar.

On Inle Lake, there is a large cigarette factory. In the factory, there are only women working on preliminary, marinated and packaged processing stages. The cigarette is made of some herb with tobacco leaves, some are mixed with cinnamon, and other has banana taste. Smoking on Inle Lake would be an unforgettable experience for your holiday to Burma.

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