How to Avoid Jet Lag

After each flight, the human body will naturally feel the tiredness from the impact of jet lag caused by time zones difference. Here are some quick tips to avoid jet lag while traveling, suggested by Times of India.

Before you fly

Before your long flight and long trip, you should rest well, do exercises (outdoor activities should be better), eat healthy, avoid caffeine if possible and keep enough water for the body.

When waiting for your flight at the airport, make some body movements like walking around, stretching your arms and legs instead of sitting doing nothing. This will prevent you from being tired while flying. And when you are on the plane, try to stretch your body and move around every once in a while so your blood circulates well during the flight.


Doing yoga on the plane

Before the departing day, eat healthy with lots of fruits and vegetables, avoid coffee, refined sugar and foods with too much salt. If you want to take some snacks on the plane, opt for the healthier one.

During the flight

Drink a lot of water: Try to keep your body warm, avoid taking stimulant substances like coffee, coke… If possible, bring with you a big bottle of water and an herbal tea bag so you can drink without caffeine.

Relax: You should close your eyes and relax each and every 20 minute during the flight. Try to take a deep breath. If you cannot fall into sleep, don’t try too hard to, watch a movie, listen to music or read your favorite book. If you feel asleep, drop your movie or book to take a needed rest. If you need to work while flying, don’t work for too long.

Rest: it may sound quite weird but some short rests are better than a long sleep. If you find it difficult to go to sleep, use a mask or earplugs.


Use the sign “Do not disturb” if possible, so you will not be woken up by fellow passengers or flight attendants, especially at meal time.

Limit medicine usage: avoid using sleep tablet and let your body adjust to the new time zones naturally. If you cannot fall into sleep, take it easy and relax, sooner or later, you will.

Don’t take a nap upon arrival: Your body needs to synchronize with the new time zones, so taking some naps can destroy that synchronization process. If must are tired and a nap is a must, only for 20 minutes. Long naps will only make you feel more tired. If you are hungry, only take some light snacks, don’t eat too much, because that will make you feel tired.

No need thinking about time zone at home. Adjust your body’s clock to the new time zone and forget the usual routine at your hometown which will make matter worse.

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