Scattering offshore islands in Cambodian Sea

Scattering offshore islands in Cambodian Sea 07

Scattering offshore islands in Cambodian Sea

The picturesque islands scattered across the ecstatic turquoise waters of the Gulf of Thailand are the most pristine destinations of Cambodia.There are no paved roads, ATMs or 24/24 bustling activities, what these natural islands can offset is inherently natural beauty.

Development is inevitable trend of urbanization today. Then the luxury resorts spring up, the buildings, the artificial constructions will make you no longer have the opportunity to explore the wild nature. However, now is the appropriate time for your visit and enjoy the airy atmosphere in the pristine beaches off the coast of Cambodia.

Scattering offshore islands in Cambodian Sea 01

Koh Tang island, Cambodia

    Koh Rong island

Far from land about 2 hours and 30 minutes away by waterway, Koh Rong is great with the white sand beaches and peaceful turquoise waves. The island is 78  kilometer square wide and 43 kilometers of coast. You will have the opportunity to dive comfortably in the sea or be immersed in the forest to explore new things. Being the most developed island of the island city Sihanoukville, Koh Rong island has more than a dozen of motels and small local restaurants serving cold beer and fresh seafood.

Scattering offshore islands in Cambodian Sea 02

Wild Koh Rong island

Do not disappoint quickly, you can still find the quiet space for yourselves in many parts of the island. If you want to find some typical Mekong alcohol, let’s go to bars on the famous Monkey Island where activities last till the night and always has fire dancing performances nightly. This experience will surely fascinate you. Right near the Monkey Island is Paradise Bungalows where offering you comfortable accommodation. You will feel relaxed and still have the opportunity to choose wine cocktail at the bar.

Scattering offshore islands in Cambodian Sea 03

Paradise Bungalows

Scattering offshore islands in Cambodian Sea 04

Forests on the island

    Koh Rong island Samloem

Located to the southern of Koh Rong is a smaller, calmer island: Koh Rong Samloem. There are somehow more remote parts than the other islands, Koh Rong Samloem  is the owners of beautiful beaches and almost still empty.

Scattering offshore islands in Cambodian Sea 05

Saracen Beach Resort Koh Rong Samloem

There is a shop offering the diving services and boat rentals runs between the two islands: Koh Rong Koh Rong Samloem. Recently, Robinson’s Bungalows – a wooden simple villa with cheap price was built in forests right next to the  beaches. You will have the moments of peace and relaxed mind when seeing the sunset paint the purple and pink vividly everywhere.

Scattering offshore islands in Cambodian Sea 06

Unique Koh Rong Samloem island

Next is the Lazy Beach which is the oldest  island’s resort and many tourists’ preferred option. Located on a private beach with hammocks getting in the middle of the forest or a rich cocktail menu, Lazy Beach will be the perfect choice for your summer vacation.

Scattering offshore islands in Cambodian Sea 07

Relax on the hammock by the sea

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  1. Koh Thmei Island

Off the coast of Ream National Park is an almost uninhabited island: Koh Thmei Island. The island is flanked by mangroves. Koh Thmei Resort is the only accommodation on the island. Peace and tranquility of the island will bring you the peaceful and serene moments after a stressful chain of workdays.

Scattering offshore islands in Cambodian Sea 08

Koh Thmei Island

Solar power is used so the woody house has the electricity almost all time of the day, a rare thing in the pristine islands. But there is no reason for you to stay locked in the house while the outside is the beach with full of unique shells and corals. It is the opportunity for you to dive and explore more than a hundred species of rare birds living on the island.

Scattering offshore islands in Cambodian Sea 09

Shells on the Koh Thmei Island

  1. Koh ta Kiev island

Located closer to the mainland than any island in the population of the islands of Sihanoukville is Koh ta Kiev, a small island takes you only an hour going by boat, with simple accommodation and comfortable camping areas .

Scattering offshore islands in Cambodian Sea 10

Koh ta Kiev island’s overview

  1. Crusoe Island

Ten 103 Treehouse Bay has simple tree houses in the woods, offers homemade bread, fresh pasta, and other foods which can surprisingly fulfill even the gourmet. Further down is Crusoe Island where offers cheap camping services and activities such as fishing, squid fishing and jungle trips.

Scattering offshore islands in Cambodian Sea 11

Crusoe Island

  1. Koh Totang island

To the North is small island Koh Totang where has some residents and Nomads Land island where you can find friendly hostel and have the opportunities to enjoy the sunset in the sea, the fresh delicious meals and lie comfortably on the hammocks seeing the green forests on the island.

Scattering offshore islands in Cambodian Sea 12

Koh Totang island

No island lies far from land more than 3 hours by waterway.  The scattering islands in Cambodian sea need your consistency. There are the most pristine islands of Cambodia so explore them before they disappear forever.

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