Visiting Ba Be National Park and Ba Be lake – the green pearl in the old green forest

Located in Bac Kan province,  about 250km from the north of Ha Noi. Ba Be National Park is an ideal ecological tourist destination with the interesting scenery and biodiversity.


Ba Be National Park

Sometimes you want to give away the fatigue of the city life and you want to go some places where you can immerse yourself in the nature. There are so many naturally stunning beautiful places in Vietnam to hide yourselves with nature, but you will regret if you ignore Ba Be National Park where you can have a short peaceful living along with friendly people in traditional bungalows. Floating slowly on the small woody boat in the quiet lake surface, stopping to watch the magnificent caves with many legendary stories will be absolutely wonderful experiences. And let’s begin with some fore views of Ba Be National Park.

1. When is the most suitable time to visit Ba Be National Park?

Ba Be is a national park owning the harmony of the mountains and rivers, a beautiful landscape in the north. With the cool air of the mountains, therefore you can go to Ba Be National Park at any time during the year. However, you should come in the summer to enjoy the coolness of the Park. A trip is usually lasts for about 3 days (by car or motorcycle).


Brilliant landscape in Ba Be National Park

2. Ba Be Lake 

The center of the Park is Ba Be Lake with 8km in length and 800 meters in width. Situated at an altitude of 178 m, Ba is a natural lake in the mountains which has especially important meaning in Vietnam. Ba Be lake is surrounded by a limestone area, many caxto caves…but the lake remains the mesmerizing scenery which is a wonderful gift of the nature.

Visiting-Ba-Be-National-Park-and-Ba-Be-lake-the-green-pearl-in-th (2)

Ba Be Lake- green pearl in the forest

 Sitting on a boat to visit Ba Be Lake, you will be surprised from the first serene scenery, the quiet of nature here can make people forget all the troubles of life. During the trip, there are also many beautiful places for you to explore such as Hua Ma Cave,  Ao Tien tourism complex, Po Gia Mai island (Ba Gua Island), Puong cave, Dau Dang waterfall …

Visiting-Ba-Be-National-Park-and-Ba-Be-lake-the-green-pearl-in-th (3)

Explore the beauty of Ba Be’s landscape

3. Accommodation and specialty in Ba Be National Park

With the homestay resort you can integrate into the life of local people. Tay ethnic minority people are always friendly and hospitable. You should also enjoy some typical dishes here such as roasted pig with corn wine, stewed meat with diamond-shaped lattice truss, hill chicken, fried eel and vegetable.

Visiting-Ba-Be-National-Park-and-Ba-Be-lake-the-green-pearl-in-th (5)

House on stilts in Pac Ngoi village is always an interesting stop for visitors

With just only 10,000 VND, you will enjoy the soft chewy, fragrant grilled fish dish. Especially, small fish are clamped by bamboo and grilled over hot coals, therefore, this dish taste very different from other types of grilled fish.

Visiting-Ba-Be-National-Park-and-Ba-Be-lake-the-green-pearl-in-th (6)

Grilled fish in Ba Be Lake

Visiting-Ba-Be-National-Park-and-Ba-Be-lake-the-green-pearl-in-th (7)

A very special type of vegetable in Ba Be

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Salangane nest – luxury medicine from nature

Khanh Hoa Province is called as kingdom of Salangane nest – a gift that the Mother Earth brings for people. There are 32 islands 169 caves that Salangane lives. Salangane nest is famous for its useful for health and can cure many diseases. Especially, natural nest in Khanh Hoa is popular among customers in Asia.



Salangane make nest naturally in many island in Khanh Hoa Province. Because of their quality and quantity, Salangane nest in Khanh Hoa is well known as a magical and luxury medicine



All of the Salangane nests are harvested by hand to keep natural environment for Salangane lives


Since long time ago, Salangane nest is one of 8 special dishes for the kings to improve their health. Salangane nest includes 7.2% galatosamine and 5.3% glucosamine to stronger the bone. The percent of amino acid in Salangane nest is very high; especially some amino acids are value for the health as aspartic acid and proline acid. Among customers, Salangane nest can improve the health and cure many diseases.


Bloody nest – one of the most valuable foods in the world. It is believed to cure many serious diseases and improve health magically


There are multiply ways to use and process Salangane nest, depends on the purpose. The people who want to improve their health would like to cook the raw Salangane nests and produce taste meals. Ones have health problem prefer to used processed nests or drink it. There are some dishes made from Salangane nest that are favorites of many people:

Deserts. Having cool and crispy taste, Salangane nest is suitable to be cook as deserts. Sweet dishes like Salangane nests with fruits, Salangane nests with coconut milk and Salangane nest with lotus nuts are not only healthy but also very tasty dishes.


Flan with Salangane nest as a desert in summer

Soups. Salangane nests can be cooked with popular food as chicken, bird or shrimp to make hot pots. The dishes are suitable with all of customers. Besides, some luxury dish like Salangane nest with sharp or herbs are good for the elderly. Many people believe that these dishes can last the age longer.


Soup made from Salangane nest with eggs and herbs

Drinks. Some Salangane nests as pink or bloody nest is especially rare and expensive, which are only used for special cases. The people could boil the nest without putting in the water and directly drink it to have the best result.


Cake made from nest

Nguyen Le

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Visit Tram Chim National Park in the water flooding season

Being home of the famous red-headed crane (Grus antigone) with the charmingly natural dance, Tram chim National Park is a promising destination in the exploration itinerary to the Southern Vietnam.


Red-headed crane in Tram Chim

Tram Chim National Park is located at the low section of Mekong river belonging to Tam Nong commune, Dong Thap province. Coming here, you will be attracted by the immense green of indigo forests where have numberless rare and valuable animals living. Once the flooding season comes, Tram Chim National Park welcomes hundreds of thousand tourists coming.


A overall view of Tram Chim National Park

Tram Chim National Park is  divided into 5 controlled areas (A1-A5). Each area is surrounded by canal and dike system with total length is up to 59km.  To visit Tram Chim, you can use the typical small canoe of the flooding region.


Visiting Tram Chim Park in flooding season

Along two canal’s sides are the thick indigo forests. Hiding inside is the birds’ sounds calling their flocks, then flapping their wings to fly to the sky. You will be astonished by being among the forest with 200 types of birds in which there are many precious types are grey-headed lapwing, plover…


The lotus pond in Tram Chim National Park.

Being on the small canoe along the Muoi Nhe canal, you will see the immense grass fields and colorful lotus and water-lily. Lying at the center of Dong Thap Muoi province, Tram Chim’s lotus deserves the first rank. Lotus here has large thick petals, overlapped to many levels, there are spotless lotus and pinky-white lotus. Besides there is purple color of the shy water-lily.


Tourist can see the overall picture of the forest from the Vong Canh towel.

Tram Chim National Park has served the experiencing tours with many interesting and close-natured activities: being fishermen experience, rice harvesting, visit birds grounds and field-mouse hunting. It is the simple and hospitable beauty of the people here created the attraction to the tourists.

Besides sailing the canoe, Tram Chim residents also prepare some familiar fishing equipments which connect closely to the life of people in the southern region such as: fishing-net, eel-pot,… They also instruct tourist how to use these equipments. Among the vast space of the indigo forests, you can freely breathe the fresh air, watch the flocks of birds flying in the blue sky and not stop at that, you will surely be excited when trying to become a fisherman.


A fisherman is instructing tourists how to place eel-pot


Fish catching

Coming to Tram Chim National Park, tourists will not only visit the forest, but also get many experiences, being closer to the nature and mix with the ecological Park. It will be absolutely interesting when you can catch the fish, eels or field-mouse by yourself and then roasted them to prepare the delicious meals with the guides of the local fishermen.
Ecological tourism area has been well-known as the “green oasis”  with the attractive natural landscape, typical for the low-lying land region Dong Thap Muoi.


Water-lily harvesting

Coming to Tram Chim, tourists will feel overwhelmed in front of various kinds of birds overshadow the sky. On the immense piece of forest, birds build their nests all year round. Stock accounts for the largest proportion which makes this indigo forest become the biggest stock garden in Dong Thap Muoi region.


White stocks in Tram Chim

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Going to Xuan Thuy national park to enjoy bird watching

  1. Xuan Thuy national park

Every year from October, December to March, April of the next year, thousands of birds individually migrate from the north and Xuan Thuy National Park is always choosed as a place to  avoid cold weather and exploit food sources.

Xuan Thuy National Park is a large alluvial grounds areas in the south mouth of the Red River, 150km from Hanoi to the southeast( Giao Thien commune, Giao Thuy district, Nam Dinh province). Xuan Thuy national park has total area of 7,100 hectar. Rich alluvial soil of the Red River has created a wetland area with many species of wild flora and fauna , especially the rare birds which are the most prominent tourist attractions of Xuan Thuy.


Xuan Thuy national park

It is estimated that there are more than 200 birds living here in which there are 100 species of migrating birds and over 50 species of waterfowls, especially 9 species of birds are listed in the International Red Book as pelicans (two species), spoonbills (two species), short beak black head seagull, white china stork, spoon-beak plovers, and redshanks.

  1. The birds migrating season

Every year at the beginning of the winter, on the way migrating from the North to the South, many birds choose Xuan Thuy natural wetland to be stop land to avoid the coldness of winter and seek for food  before continuing their  journey. That has turned this place into a wild birds garden.

Coming to the home of birds in Xuan Thuy national park, you will have the opportunities to discover the purity of nature, the pristine beauty of various kinds of birds with the white wings in the blue sky and strange-shaped beaks rubbed into the vast waters to search for food. You also cannot escape from falling in love with the sunset scenery on the sparkling water.


Platalea minor in Xuan Thuy national park

Winter is the most suitable season for you to watch birds because there are many migrating birds in this time. However,  if you prefer to go in summer or in autumn to enjoy the fresh cool air of the sea, you can still watch the migratory birds coming from the south and Cambodia to avoid the hot summer. They are pelicans or storks, wild ducks, kingfishers,….


Birds are seeking for food

Since 1989, Xuan Thuy has been recognized as a Ramsar site (wetlands has the international importance) and also become the first Ramsar site of Vietnam. On this salt-marsh, under the tidal waters, there are about 165 species of zooplankton and 154 species of benthic fauna, about 500 animals in total.


Bird watching in Xuan Thuy National park

  1. Bird watching tour in Xuan Thuy national park

Xuan Thuy National Park organizes bird watching tour( one or two days). This tour is held for visitors who love exploring the nature, watching birds and contemplate the unique landscape of the wetland in coastal areas.

The tour will start from the headquarters of the park and you will go by boat along Vop river to the end of Lu dune and Ngan dune. This is the place migrating birds settle and also the extensive clam areas of local residents.

After that,  you can continue walking along the sand dunes at the outer edge of  Lu dune to see the casuarina forest and wild birds here. At the end of Lu dune, a boat will pick you up back to the Park.

Besides, you can choose other tours to discover more about the lives of the residents here, visit the religious constructions and participate in traditional festivals.


The cultural activities of the Xuan Thuy residents

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The most favorite winter destinations in Vietnam

Traveling in winter is increasingly becoming  popular and attract many visitors. Especially when the New Year and Lunar New Year holiday recently tend to last longer  which make people pay more attention to plan for travel quite early.

Below are the most favorite destinations to both domestic and foreign tourists:

  1. Beaches in Central and Southern Vietnam

Many people choose these beaches  because of the easy transportation, warm weather and cool clear sea water added the more professional and luxurious services than the northern resorts.

Da Nang is always the most favorite destination regardless of summer or winter. The city lying by Han river attracts tourist by the green space and beautiful beaches where visitors can both enjoy mountain and forest landscape, moreover, the diversified cuisine. The temperature of the city, in winter, is rather comfortable, a little bit cold and misty enough for the tourists from the North.


Enjoy the winter garden on the “rooftop” of Da Nang- Ba Na Hill

Nha Trang is considered one of the most beautiful bays in the world which owns the dreamy blue beaches, right near Tran Phu street where is crowded with many hotels and restaurants serving tourists day and night. Nha Trang previously is the suitable destination for domestic tourists in summer and  foreign tourists in winter, but recently this distinction has gradually been removed.

Nha Trang has a warm sunny climate all year round, if you plan to travel during this time until the end of winter, it is still  a ‘’safe’’choice because now is the end of the rainy season in Nha Trang. The average temperature of the month from December to February is about 23-24°C, quite cool and pleasant.

Vinpearl Land aquarium, Nha Trang.

  1. Cold climate regions in the northern Vietnam

Many people are more interested in tours to the resort in the cold climate regions, especially the ones who want to enjoy the northern coldness,  taste the mountainous specialties and wait for an opportunity to play in snow falling in a tropical country like Vietnam.

Sapa is no longer unfamiliar names with tourists in the hot summer days. However, in winter, especially when there is snow, Sapa also welcomes a large number of tourists who come to see  the wonderful and romantic natural phenomenon.


Sapa in Winter

During this season, the temperature in Sapa is very low, especially in the morning and at night, therefore,  you should prepare enough clothes to keep your body always warm. The tourists who do not accustomed to the cold can buy heating pads compact and take with you to protect your health in the whole trip.

Arriving in Sapa, it will be a pity if you do not enjoy the specialties of the region. “Delicacy” here to be mentioned are pork and fresh baked items such as eggs, purple potatoes, chestnuts and temperature region’s vegetables such as chayote, cauliflower, …

Mau Son, Lang Son often attracts tourists when the temperature drops very low around 2-3 Celsius degree, and snow appears. This is a high mountains region  located in the northeastern of Lang Son province, 30 km to the east of Lang Son city, near the Vietnam – China border.

Attractive Mau Son in snowy days

Most visitors coming here in winter are backpacking travel lovers or couples who desire to explore, or want to witness the romantic and rare natural phenomenon in Vietnam . As for the elderly and families with young children, they should consider before selecting a destination quite “obstacles” such as Mau Son.

In addition, there are many destination in the  northern mountains in the winter for backpacking visitors such as Moc Chau, Ha Giang, Lai Chau and Tam Dao … The short-day trips at the right season of apricot blossom, plum blossom, peach are seductive travelers who love photography or young couples who want to have a unique wedding photos.

  1. Dalat – the city of flowers

Dalat is known as the city of flowers or you can call it a misty city, a love town or a city of immense pine forests. Dalat is a specially attractive destination for curious tourists all around the world. This place is granted by the natue the fresh climate, poetic and romantic scenery, where thousands of blooming flowers gather.


An early winter morning in Dalat

Tulip carpet in Dalat.

In Dalat city, you will experience 4 kinds of weather in one day. You will not be “shocked” because the weather changes suddenly when the plane landed. In particular, from November to April each year is the dry season in Dalat so you can comfortably plan your travel to destinations around the city with little worry about the weather. Flowers bloom everywhere and the flower festival is usually held this time.

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Famous Pagodas and King Tombs in Hue

Hue is a tourist attraction with the thickness of ancient culture, beautiful natural scenery, and charming and historic relics which are recognized worldwide. Hue Tourism attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world.

There are many famous Pagodas and King Tombs in Hue which has been becoming favorite destinations to visitors.

  1. Thien Mu Pagoda


Thien Mu Pagoda

Thien Mu Pagoda is 5kilometers away from the centre of Hue City on Ha Khe Hill, to the left bank of Huong River. It is located in Huong Long commune, you can go straight on the road Kim Long to reach the pagoda. From the pagoda, you can have a view to the romantic and peaceful Huong river. Tourists can book a boat to sail on the river to visit the pagoda within two hours.

  1. Huyen Khong Pagoda


Huyen Khong Pagoda is a spiritual tourist attraction in Hue

If you’ve set your foot on Hue, do not waste the opportunity to visit Huyen Khong Pagoda in order to mix your soul with the spiritual world. From the southside of Huong river, you  can go along the full-of-phoenix-flower road to the Kim Long suburbs, then pass Thien Mu Pagoda, finally you go along a picturesque pathway to Cham mountain where the pagoda is located. Natural space creates the wildness for the pagoda from the entrance to the campus. This is a destination which cannot be missed when you come to Hue.

  1. Tu Dam Pagoda 


Tu Dam Pagoda attracts visitors by its unique architecture 

Tu Dam Pagoda is located in Truong An Commune, about 2 km to the south of Hue City. Tu Dam Pagoda has three important parts which are the gate, the main temple and the hall. The general structure of the pagoda is the combination of old and new architecture, with wide, tall space but also owns the ancient and simple appearance. When visiting the temple, you will not be charged for any fees.

  1. The Imperial City


The Imperial City is a popular tourist destination in Hue

The Imperial City is the most precious historical relic complex in Hue which is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage on 11 December, 1993. The fee to visit the Citadel is 55,000VND / one person, you can have a guider with your groups only 100,000 price / tour. To go around the the local contemporary 120,000 price / 4 seats – 150,000 / 6 car seat . This is a tour of Hue is the domestic and foreign visitors cannot be ignored when arriving in Hue.

  1. Tomb of Kinh Khai Dinh


Tomb of King Khai Dinh -a unique beauty of Hue tourism

Located in Chau Chu mountain near Hue city, Tomb of King Khai Dinh is an ancient work with  extremely unique architecture and has been recognized as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage
Tomb of Kinh Khai Dinh, also known as the Ung Tomb is the tomb of King Khai Dinh, the 12th king of Nguyen Dynasty. This construction carries the unique blend of modern Western architecture and classic appearance of Vietnam. The overall background of  The Tomb is a floating rectangular blocks rising to 127 steps. Tomb of King Khai Dinh is a very unique construction in Hue remained until now.

  1. Tomb of King Tu Duc


King Tu Duc(1848-1883) chose for himself a peaceful and serene resting place, suitable for aspiration of the most profound education and knowledge  person among  the Nguyen Emperors.


Tomb of Kinh Tu Duc was built in a narrow valley belongs to Duong Xuan Thuong village (now is Thuong Ba village, Thuy Xuan commune, Hue city). The Tomb lies among an immense pine forest. This is one of the most beautiful construction of royal architecture during Nguyen Dynasty which has been  appealing to many tourists coming to Hue. However, the building has been  considerably degraded. Tomb of King Tu Duc is 8km from the center of Hue, visit fee is  55,000VND / person

  1. Tomb of King Minh Mang


Tomb of Kinh Minh Mang

Thiscanbeseen asa largeTombinHue with  beautiful andharmony architecture. Inside thetombisaspaceofpainting, poetryandphilosophy. Visiting the Tomb, you can feel thesolemn and staticdefinitionofarchitecture, the eroticsceneryof nature, floralexpression ofrigorous, scholarknowledgeandromanticsoulof King Minh Mang . Tomb of King Minh Mang is approximately away  12kmfrom the center ofHue, the visit fee is VND 55,000/one visitor.

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An ideal place to stay in Hue Citadel: Park View Hotel

Park View Hotel stays in the center of Hue Province, it will take you 20 minutes from the hotel to Phu Bai airport and the same time to the other sightseeing place by cars, and a few minutes by walk to Huong River and shopping center. The roof of the hotel is an awesome place to take a view of the whole Hue Citadel.


Park View Hotel in the front side


Park View Hotel includes 119 very new rooms with 5 types for singles, couple and families with different price and space but the same perfect service. All of the rooms offer telephone, TV, air condition with free Wifi. The bathroom is small but clean and convenient.

There are two restaurants with distinguished styles: Park View restaurant with modern style will service you buffet, seafood and Western food – suitable for meeting group; while Royal restaurant will bring you into thousand-year-ago space with traditional Vietnamese food and famous dishes in Hue. Total capacity of the two restaurants is 180 people.

The two bars, one on the roof of the building, the other locates near the swimming pool, offer the guest fresh juice with light cocktail. The favorite beer of Hue name Huda is favorite drink of many guests.

Park View Hue is a perfect place for holding meetings, conferences and wedding thanks to its two meeting room with total area is 300 meter square with modern appliances like TV, projectors with awesome lighting and professional service. It is very interesting that you can directly ask for a live show of traditional Hue court music in this room!


Park View restaurant is decorated with Western style, which offered buffet every morning and many other Europe food


Royal restaurant is preferred for its traditional style and Vietnamese dishes


The bar in the roof of the hotel is decorated with green and yellow cream tones, which bring to the guest relax and refresh moments

Jazz is performed in the bar

Spa and health club

Like many hotel, Park View Hotel has spa which bring plentiful types of massages and sauna. The Health club is where the fans of yoga and fitness should not miss to enjoy the relax time. The swimming pool, with clean and fresh water, would be a perfect place for you to escape from sunlight in province and recover after a day of travelling.

Nguyen Le

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La Résidence Spa and Hotel – a combination of hotel and art

La Résidence Spa and Hotel – a combination of hotel and art


Was restored from the palace of French Leader of Indochina during 1900s, the hotel stays on the side of Huong River has a typical decor or art and the combination of old space with French style with the modern space with special Hue style makes the hotel become worthy place to visit in the Signature Travel Network.


Front gate of Résidence Hotel and Spa with fantastic decoration combined with light performance

The hotel stays in the area of 1.7 hectares with grass and blossoming flowers with artistic decoration. The garden is mixed with swimming pools with similar water levels to Huong River that brings to the visitors a feeling of staying on the floating house.


The Hotel has 122 rooms with unique balanced structures of the Western and the Eastern: typical shutters and checkerboard bricks and high hall with carving roof remind the guest to the Ancient French architecture. Each room has TV and cable channels, air condition, personal bath room, fridge and other facilities. Also, La Résidence Spa and Hotel is perfect place for Conference thanks to its large meeting room, modern appliances and professional services.

There are restaurants that offer the quintessence of traditional Vietnamese food. And going to both of the restaurants and bars, the guests can find fantastic Western foods and drinks with reasonable price. Also, parties with light snacks are favorite choices of many visitors. The tennis court and gym locates near the swimming pool is logical construction for who wants to take a relax after tired with playing. If you don’t like sport, there are multiple choice to spend time as visiting the nearby market, reading book or spending time in the Internet room. Just ask, the Hotel will give you satisfied answer.

Large swimming pool. The combination of water and trees make the best environment for guests to enjoy the natural


Single room decorated with cream and yellow tones as Asian design


Green view from the balcony of a room. It is easy to see Huong River and the road through the window

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BBQ party in the swimming pool with professional chiefs at night is very popular activity


Medical spa with hot gravel in spa of Résidence hotel. There are multiple options as Thailand or Vietnamese massage


The staffs in Résidence Spa and Hotel are friendly and extremely helpful, who willing to meet the guest’s demand in fast and carefully way. Their staffs are an important part that makes Résidence Spa and Hotel become one high quality hotel in Vietnam and the most desirable hotel to stay in Hue.

Nguyen Le


>>Hilton Hanoi Opera Hotel – luxury style and professional hotel

>> Exotic Voyages – luxury travel and professional style

Hilton Hanoi Opera Hotel – luxurious style and professional staff

Hilton Hanoi Opera Hotel, which belongs to Hilton Group, with luxurious style and professional staff

Address: 1 Le Thanh Tong Street, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi



Overview of Hilton Hotel

Overview and Location

Hilton Hanoi Opera Hotel is located on the center of Hanoi. It is near trading center, Government offices and many famous destinations. Hilton Hanoi Opera Hotel is near Hanoi Opera House. It takes about 40 minutes to go from there to Noi Bai airport. Tourist can choose dinner with many cuisines all over the world or Vietnamese cuisines. They can choose to have dinner at restaurant or coffee of hotel. This hotel also has trading center which meets all demand of businessmen and tourists.

Room information:

There are 269 rooms and departments rooms. All of them are designed with red and green color which is very attractive. Besides, all of them have mini bar, two side air condition, telephone, television, music and radio system, voice mail, data port, coffee machine, luxurious bathroom, etc.

Deluxe room: This kind of room has King size room or double room, view of garden.

Executive Deluxe: This kind of room has King size room or double room, too. All of them have view of Hanoi Opera House or city.

Department room: They are equipped with own bedroom and living room. Tourists, who choose this kind, have rights like tourists in Executive room.

Conference and party room:

This hotel has a system of equipment for conference which includes big room for more than 600 visitors of buffet and 350 visitors of party.


Conference room

Restaurant and bar:

Three regions restaurant: This restaurant is luxurious which combines traditional and modern style, natural and creative factors. Dinners here would make tourist satisfy because of Vietnamese cuisines.

Lobby Lounge: Tourist can relax here with special coffee, cocktail and fast food.

Chez Manon: the ideal area to enjoy fast food, dinner, lunch and foreign cuisines.

Coffee Opera: Sell coffee and cake take away.


One corner in restaurant of Hilton Hanoi Opera Hotel

Other services:

  • Keeping children service
  • Playing room for children
  • Hiring car service
  • Serving room 24/24
  • Free Internet
  • Souvenir shop
  • Daily newspaper
  • Direct international service





Sedona Suites Hanoi – one of comfortable and reasonable price hotel


Sedona suites hanoi hotel

Sedona Suites Hanoi – one of comfortable and reasonable price hotel which promises bring convenience for tourists

Location and Overview: 96 To Ngoc Van, Tay Ho district, Hanoi

Sedona Suites Hanoi has an advantage location which is not far away from Hanoi center. It takes only 15 minutes to go from there to center of Hanoi. The advantage of location contributes to the ideal of this hotel. Sedona Suites Hanoi brings the most service with own style and convenience.


Sedona Suites Hanoi Hotel is operated since January, 2005. With a convenient location away from the center of Hanoi is not far, just 15 minutes by car you’ll be in the center. Sedona Suites Hanoi Hotel with 175 rooms and luxurious design hotel is fully equipped with modern appliances. From bacon of rooms, guests could feel the beauty of West Lake at dawn and dusk. With an area of furniture and equipment Sedona Suites Hanoi design, decoration perfect to meet the needs of a family. The total area of Sedona Suites Hanoi is 12 ha, can find a wide Sedona Suites Hanoi. But not only bring visitors feel a hotel in Sedona Suites Hanoi Hotel broad but also bring tourists to see the cool. Guests will be served breakfast in the restaurant Veranda Breakfast, Sunday, visitors can organize barbeques.


Lounge at Sedona Hanoi Hotel

Services at hotel:

  • Bar
  • Salon
  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Shop
  • Free internet
  • Restaurant
  • Massage
  • Souvenir shop
  • Gym
  • Equipment for disable people
  • Conference room
  • Coffee shop
  • Casino
  • Cigarette room
  • Parking car area
  • Laundry
  • Free breakfast
  • Spa
  • Tennis
  • Eating at room service
  • Tourism service
  • Keeping children service


One corner of room at Sedona Hotel

Room information:

Sedona Suites Hanoi Hotel has 175 rooms which are designed with luxurious style:

–       Kitchen has microwave, heater

–       Bathroom has bathtub and shower

–       Wardrobe

–       Daily newspaper

–       Big size bed

–       Keeping house service

–       Safe box, telephone, television

Restaurant and bar:

Veranda Breakfast here serves breakfast from Monday to Saturday, Sunday. On holiday, breakfast would be brought to each room.

View of department room of Sedona Hotel