Myanmar tour in 4 days

If you take a Myanmar tour 4 days, ideally, you should spend two days in Inle Lake, and two days in Golden Rock, Bagan.

Inle Lake- 2 days

Inle Lake

Inle Lake

From Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay you can reach Inle Lake (Nyaungshwe) with the routes like Yangon – Inle (about 15.000kyat, 16-20 hours), Bagan – Inle (about 11.000kyat, 12 hours, Mandalay – Inle (about 10,000 kyat, 10 hours) respectively.

In Nyaungshwe you can rent an elongated boat, which is very popular here, and take a trip around Inle lake from the morning to the evening with the cost of about $ 10,000 – 20.000kyat. Generally, the price which you directly bargain in the marina is cheaper than the one you ask at the hotel or inn.

Inle is the ideal place for you to breathe the air of the lake surrounded by hills and mountains. You should spend a whole day just sailing on the lake, watching the Myanmar men rowing on foot, visiting Phaung Daw Oo or Phaung daw Oo temple, visiting shops and meeting the long-necked women, buying a plate of beautiful silk woven from water lily’s filaments in the village, going into the tomato fields floating on the lake’s surface, having lunch at the floating restaurant…

The peaceful sunset in Inle Lake

The peaceful sunset in Inle Lake

If you choose to stay right in the lake, the cost will be expensive, especially in the resorts and floating hotels. The backpackers often come back to Nyaungshwe town near the lake to find the accommodation which costs from only USD 5-8/room/night. Joy Hotel Guesthouse is a typical illustration.

A resort on Inle Lake

A resort on Inle Lake

Bago – Kyaikhtiyo- 2 days

In the second half of the Myanmar tour 4 days, you should be visit the Golden Rock Temple.

Kyaikhtiyo or Golden Rock temple is the place where tourists visit most frequently when they take a Myanmar tour 4 days or shorter. This is not because of the time limit but it is the uniqueness of the temple which has dragged the pilgrims’ footsteps to explore this land.

Golden Rock is said to be the place where stores the hairpiece of the Buddha

Golden Rock is said to store the hairpiece of the Buddha

You need at least 2 days to visit one of the treasures of Burma, Kyaikhtiyo temple, which is located on a rock attached to a large cliff. The easiest way is to buy a package tour visiting Bago and Kyaikhtiyo for about 70-100 USD if you don’t have enough time. If you are free, you can travel from Yangon to Kim Pun by bus (the nearest point to reach the Kyaikhtiyo temple) with the cost of about 7000kyats. From Kim Pun, you have to travel in a cramped truck with many passengers to reach the craggy peak with the cost of 1500kyats.

From the last stop of the truck, you need to walk 4km more to go to the Golden Rock temple, but it’s a worth trip to see one of the masterpieces of Myanmar Buddhism constructed by both human and nature.

Tourists shouldn’t sleep at the foot of the mountain because the price is generally high; you can go back to Kim Pun, stay in the hostel for $ 5-8 dollars and catch the early bus to come back to Bago in the following day.

During the journey from Kyaikhtiyo, you can stop in Bago, wander through the temples of the ancient capital and local markets to buy souvenirs. Bago is the old capital with a very slow pace of life. Let things gradually take you away in the final days in Myanmar.

The interesting puppets in Bagan

The interesting puppets in Bagan

Hopefully, the world of the unique Buddhist temples of Myanmar will remain forever in your mind when you leave this fairy land. How simple but attractive is Myanmar.

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10 Quick Facts about Angkor temples

The magnificent temples of Angkor are obviously known by every traveler around the world. However, only few of us truly understand about the incredible cultural and historic values of this ancient wonder. So if you want to visit Angkor temples soon, take a look at these interesting facts:

1. Built between 1113 and 1150, Angkor Wat is the largest religious building in the world.


2. Angkor Wat is initially a Hindu temple. However, in the late 13th century, Angkor Wat was shifted to a Buddhist temple and remained to be so until today.

3. More than half of international tourists in Cambodia consider Angkor Wat as their primary reason why they choose to visit the country.

4. The symbol of the temple was presented on the center of the Cambodian flag, as well as many Cambodian banknotes.


5. Most of the money used to restore Angkor Wat comes from foreign aid.

6. It was not until late 16th century when the first westerner ever set foot in the temples of Angkor.

7. Angkor Wat is not the only attractions in the area. A bit further north to Angkor Wat is Angkor Thom, which houses many famous temples and ruins built in the prime time of Khmer Empire.

8. Khmer bricks were bonded together not by mortar but by a vegetable compound which remains unknown today.

9. Ta Prohm temple is made famous by serving in a scene of the movie Tomb Raider, in which features Angelina Jolie.


Bayon Temple is another must visit in Angkor Archaeological Park. This temple features 37 gigantic stone towers, each is carved with four mysterious smiling faces on each side. This number used to be 54 in the past.


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Tips for Responsible Travel in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia remains one of the poorer areas in the world. Many people are still suffering, both in cities and rural areas, and for many of them, sustainable development of tourism may be the light out of the dark tunnel. And we travelers can help them quite a lot by travel responsibly by a variety of ways. But here are just some small tips for responsible travel in Southeast Asia that you can take along the way.



  1. Don’t give money to beggars, especially children. This will encourage them to keep begging for money, and that’s not good for them. If you want to make a donation, do so via a reputable organization.
  2. Be aware of some common scams such as buying books for schools, milk powder for babies. In most cases, this will not help people you are intending to help.
  3. Don’t give candy or sweets to children. It will affect their dental health.
  4. Research orphanage’s reputation because visiting some orphanages cannot be a good idea.
  5. Respect local culture and abide some rules that you have to. A great example is alms giving ceremony in Luang Prabang.
  6. Support by using services at some restaurants, shops, spas where the poor, or orphans work to earn some income and develop their skills.


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5 Reasons to Practice Tai Chi

A great cruise journey does not just enable passengers discover the destinations, but also engage them in various practical and beneficial experiences such as taking a cooking class or exercising Tai Chi early in the morning.Originally considered as a martial art in China, Tai Chi is now described as “meditation in motion” or even “medication in motion” and has become well known over the world. Many scientific proofs have shown that Tai Chi can help treating or preventing various health issues.Below are 5 of the reasons to practice Tai Chi.

  1. Tai Chi is for everyone

Tai Chi is different from other types of exercises. It involves circular, slow and gentle movements so younever get forced while practicing Tai Chi. Muscles are relaxed rather than tensed, joints are not bent and connective tissues are not stretched. Thus, everyone can easily practice Tai Chi, from men to women, children to the elderly, from the fittest to those who are confined to wheelchairs or rehabilitating from an injury or surgery.


  1. Strength and flexibility

Several studies including one conducted by Stanford University in 2006 has shown that Tai Chi can strengthen both lower and upper body as well as the muscles of the back and abdomen. Women taking part in the 2006 Stanford study also experienced significant improvement in their body’s flexibility.

  1. Balance

Tai Chi reduces falls by enhancing balance ability. Tai Chi training can helps reducing the fear of falling and keeping one’s proprioception (the ability to sense the position of body in space). By these ways, Tai Chi also reduces falls and boosts recovery process from a stumble.

  1. Reduce stress

Many people who practice on a regular basis believe Tai Chi adds tranquility and serenity to their minds. We also believe that it can act as an antidote to the 21st century stress. So if you choose to cruise with us and join us in a Tai Chi session on our deck, you can put life burden aside, let your body loosen and follow the gentle movements while relishing every bit of the ever-changing seascape of Halong Bay.


  1. Last but not least, it’s never too late for you to start

Many passengers who practice Tai Chi on our deck say that was their first time exercising this form of meditation. And some of them still keep practicing after returning from Halong Bay. Hopefully you will enjoy your Tai Chi sessions on your next voyage at the magnificent Halong Bay.

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Every year, according to lunar calendar, on 9th, September, Xa Pho people in Lao Cai begin to celebrate Banana Flower festival – a very national character festival. On this day, there have so many interesting and special activities in order to pray for good health, happiness, fullness, good weather and better harvest.

An unique festival

As the custom, no matter where it is held (in a family, group of families or the whole village), it is a meeting place to have fun, pray for lucks, pay thanks to their ancestors, try to overcome the difficulties in life of Xa Pho people (Van Ban).

To prepare for the important day, families will bring sacrifices to the organizers’ house before the festival, including: rice, chicken, wine, 3 fried birds and salted sour fish to contribute to the host. These sacrifices are often prepared at the host family to prepare for worship. When the food are ready, the organizers will put it on a tray made by bamboo and arrange it as an order on the holding area. Before starting to conduct the rites, families will burn incenses at their trays and pray as witness for the host’s heart to the spirits and gods. When the incenses extinct, the host will prostrate the gods and burn votive paper. After finishing these rites, families will have a meal together. The meal is separated into to trays – one for women and one for men.

As they finish their meal, the host and young men begin to carry out the rituals of planting banana trees in the celebrating area. They build a wild banana tree and plant it around banana tree and other wild flowers. There are also red banana flowers symbolizing for the good lucks. After planting , all people in the village inclduing young men, women and the elder start to perform the harvest praying dance and describe the ploughing, raking, picking, harvesting, hunting actions as well as offering to the spirits special food such as fried stream fish, fried mice meat, wild birds and taro.

Other activities in the festival

There are many other fun and exciting activities in Banana flower festival but the most unique one is the traditional dance describing the increasing production action and daily activities very lively. That traditional dance not only improves the interesting atmosphere but also expresses local people’s desires such as happiness, good health and good lucks in life. Even more specially, on this day, Xa Pho families are not allowed to bring anything out of their houses. Accordingly, other families in other villages weill not be invited if their villages have not celebrated the festival yet.

This festival makes the national culture more various and beautiful. Thanks to Banana flower festival, villagers in Lao Cai have a great opportunity to exchange, have fun, sing, dance traditional songs and become closer and more united together. Everyone coming to the village at this time surely will have unlimited fun and love this interesting festival with the hospitable local people.

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Experiencing Bagan from up high

Bagan is the first capital of the country Myanmar. Here, visitors can admire the marvelous beauty of more than 2,000 historical monuments, and temples with a Myanmar balloon trip. The most perfect time to go to Bagan is from October to April.
Taking a Myanmar balloon trip is an interesting and unique form of tourism
Taking a Myanmar balloon trip is an interesting and unique form of tourism
Renting a balloon
Besides riding horse carts, if you have a little more money, you can take a Myanmar balloon trip to get the feeling of watching Bagan from above in the form of balloon travel. In Bagan, there is only one British company providing this service – Balloon Over Bagan. The recorded prices on some website are $ 280 / person for a 45 minute flight. If you study some information before going and have luck, you can have the lower prices which are around $ 260. Tourists should also note that there are only 40 tickets are sold each day; therefore, you should buy tickets early to have a perfect trip. The air balloon can carry only a predetermined weight, and there is a farce but it is the fact that those who have more than 100 kilos of weight have to buy two tickets. Depending on the weight of each person, one airship can carry 8-10 people.
A balloon generally can carry 8- 0 passengers basing on their weight
A balloon generally can carry 8- 0 passengers basing on their weight
And enjoying your Myanmar balloon trip
An excursion by balloon usually lasts an hour. After the balloon is inflated, you will climb the basket and start your romantic on-air trip. The feeling of standing in a balloon and welcoming the sun from above is extremely beautiful and unique. If there is a camera or a camcorder, you will get a chance to record the unforgettable images of this trip. You will experience the most romantic and the most poetic feelings.
Balloons in the sky of Bagan
Balloons in the sky of Bagan
Under the balloons, thousands of temples and towers bob on a vast plain in Bagan – the ancient city being adjacent to the Ayeyarwady River (Myanmar), which is known for temples built from the 11th century.
The glittering golden peaks and the red color of the bare bricks are outstanding on dark green of the bushes. Far away, the smooth sand of Ayeyarwady River stretches to the western range of mountains beyond…
The balloon will take the passengers to fly over the ancient towers
The balloon will take the passengers to fly over the ancient towers
Morning is also an appropriate time to glide in the air balloons, watch the fairy land in a clear morning and imagine that you are on a carpet flying to the dreamland.
Myanmar balloon festival
If tourists are keen on watching balloon, they can take part in the Balloon festival in Myanmar. One of the most spectacular festivals in a year of Myanmar is the hot air balloon festival held annually in November in Taunggyi, commonly known as Taunggyi Tazaungdaing Festival. Thousands of local and international tourists going to Taunggyi to watch the giant models of balloon which are made of paper, pumped with hot air and released to the sky. The contests take place at both daylight and night, the colorful balloons are released to the shimmering night sky. The common balloon models are shaped elephant, cow, horse, buffalo, bird, parrot, pig, fish, birds, and owls (symbol of luck).
A big balloon is going to be released to the sky_0
A big balloon is going to be released to the sky

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Explore three highest mountains in the Southern Vietnam

Standing from the top of the mountain, you will see a panoramic view of wonderful space with the small houses and roads looming in the green color of trees. Then, you will see three beautiful mountains with their own mysterious legends.

Ba Den Mountain

Ba Den Mountain is the highest mountain (986m) in Southern Vietnam. It is located in Thanh Tan commune, Hoa Thanh district, Tay Ninh.

The relic complex of Ba Den Mountain is formed by three mountains which are Heo Mounatin, Phung Mountain and Ba Den Mountain. Travelling to here, not only do tourists can sightsee an imposing mountains in the peaceful Tay Ninh province but also they can have a good chance to visit the system of Dien Ba pagoda including manificient and gorgeous Thuong, Trung, Ha and Hang pagodas as well as exploring the mysterious beauty of caves alternately named Thanh Long, Ong Ho, Ba Co, Ba Tuan, Thien Thai, Ong Ta. Moreover, tourists can listen to the legend of a woman whose name is Ly Thi Thien Huong has the dark brown skin but is beautiful and gorgeous.

There are three ways to conquer the top of the mountain. The first way is that tourists can conquer it by walking on the road of 1000 staircase steps. Secondly, they will sit on the cable hanger. Finally, they can use the system of closed two-way slides. Each way brings different experiences but if tourists want to save time and effort as well as increasing the risky level, the cable hanger and slide system will be the best choices.

Beside Ba Den Mountain, tourists should visit Tay Ninh Vatican, Dau Tieng lake or go shopping in Long Hoa market.

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Chua Chan Mountain

With the height of 800m above the sea level, Chua Chan Mountain is also called Gia Ray Mountain or Gia Rao Mountain. It is located in Xuan Loc district, Dong Nai province. It is the second highest mountain in the southern region.

Specifically, in the height of 600m, there is a famous pagoda named Buu Quang. It is well-known for its sacred atmostphere with hundreds thousand of tourists coming to pray and worship on the holidays.

Walking is the only way for tourists to come to the mountain top; however, the road to go there is also divided into two periods depending on their purposes. To be more exact, the road from the mountain foot to Buu Quang pagoda with the stone-made stairs is spent for the pilgrims and the tourists. The backpackers, particularly, the road will be difficult to move because they have to find the direction and find the way to go on their own.

When visiting the mountain, tourists cannot ignore the beauty of two-root banian tree which is the strange wonder and the masterpiece of the nature if we do not mention the spiritual factor.

In addition, tourists can participate in rowing a boat on Gia Hi lake in Xuan Tam commune or take a visit to the amusement center of Nui Le lake in Area 7, Gia Ray town.

Ba Ra Mountain

Ba Ra Mountain is located in Son Giang ward, Phuoc Long commune, Binh Phuoc. It is far from Ho Chi Minh city about 180km. S’Tieng ethnic group often calls this mountain “Bonom Brah” (it means that the god mountain). To the local people, with the height of 733m, Ba Ra is ranked in the third in three highest mountains in the southern region.

If tourists want to conquer Ba Ra Mountain, they will have to walk along the staircase or use the cable system. With the cable, tourists can go straight from the mountain foot to the top. If walking, they can start from the foot of Bang Lang hill to explore the monument and then, experience the feeling of climbing through 1.767 stone-made stairs. Ba Ra Mountain is lower than Ba Den Mounain but its staircase is very slopy so conquering it takes tourists much time and efforts.

Right stepping on the top of the mountain, beside the feeling of relief before the road which is seems to be extremely tough to conquer, tourists will love this land with the peaceful landscape of looming houses, beautiful Thac Mo lake and holy Ba temple.


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Explore Thanh Ha pottery village in Hoi An ancient street

Coming to Thanh Ha pottery village, tourists can feel the peaceful feelings with the green space of the lines of areca trees as well as the newly-made ceramic products. Thanh Ha is known as both the live museum and the valuable information resource for scientists to explore and do research about the traditional pottery making in Vietnam particularly and in Southeast region as the whole.

Lang gom Thanh Ha-Doan-Xuan

The most ancient pottery village

Thanh Ha pottery village is located in Thanh Ha ward, Hoi An city, Quang Nam. It is right on Thu Bon riverbank and far from Hoi An ancient street about 3km towards the West.

Thanh Ha pottery village has been famous for 500 years. On the centuries XIV – XVII, the craftsmen from Thanh Hoa went to Thanh Ha to set up a village and made pottery and then passed it on for the next generations. Under Nguyen dinasty, they are well-known for their talent because they are the one who provide ancient houses in Hoi An and the neighbor areas with many products such as roof tiles, flooring tiles and ceramic furnitures. However, the golden period passed because of the market economy. Thanh Ha pottery had faced many difficulties when they could not catch up with the products made by the modern technology so they could not find the consumption places. Until now, after Thanh Ha pottery becomes a part of the exploration tours of tourists coming to Hoi An, Thanh Ha ceramic kilns are revived.

Những nồi đất được chuốt, nặm theo đơn đặt hàng từ nhiều vùng trên cả nước đang được phơi khô trước khi đưa vào lò nung.

Ceramic products of Thanh Ha

If the ceramic products of Tho Ha (Bac Giang), Bat Trang (Hanoi) and Phu Lang (Bac Ninh) are respectively made from blue clay, white clay and brown-yellow clay, Thanh Ha ceramic products are taken from the brown clay along Thu Bon river with the high clamminess and ductility.

Dưới bàn tay của người thợ thủ công, đất sét được luyện thật nhuyễn, đảm bảo độ dẻo, và được tạo hình trên bàn xoay bằng tay hoặc trên khuôn.

After taking the clay, local people have to mix and temper it until it is well-kneaded as newly-made flour. Then, they use that clay to make many products and bring them to dry under the sunshine or in the corner of the kitchen. The pottery kiln is arranged cleverly so that it can both save spacec and ensure that the products are out of shape. Depending on each product, they can burn from one day to three days.

Gạch cũng là một trong những sản phẩm được nhiều gia đình làng gốm Thanh Hà sản xuất theo đơn hàng của nhiều doanh nghiệp hiện nay.

The major products of Thanh Ha are ustensils serving the daily life such as cup, bowl, vase, jar and so on with different shapes and diverse colors. Specifically, they are lighter than other products in other provinces partly because of the special clay of Thu Bon river and skilful hands of Thanh Ha craftsmen.

Đến làng gốm Thanh Hà bạn dễ nhận ra bởi từ con đường, góc sân đến mái ngói đều được làm từ đất nung.

With many passed centuries and ups and downs of the history, Thanh Ha pottery village is still peaceful like the gentle flow of Thu Bon river.
Trong bếp của mỗi gia đình đều chất đầy những sản phẩm làm từ gốm.

Moreover, Thanh Ha craftsmen quietly make the ceramic products by clever hands. If you have a chance to travel to Hoi An ancient street, you should not miss this great Thanh Ha pottery village.



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U Bein Bridge

Myanmar Tour 5 days

It has been said that time is never enough, especially for travelling to a country. However, with a Myanmar tour 5 days, you will experience many valuable things in the two cities Bagan and Mandalay.

Bagan – 3 days

If you take a Myanmar tour 5 days, 3 days are enough to discover Bagan- the land of ancient temples. You can travel from Yangon to Bagan by bus for about 20 – 25 USD (Ther Ye Aung company).

Bicycle is the main mean of transport in Bagan
Bicycle is the main mean of transport in Bagan


You don’t need to waste money to rent a tuk tuk or a horse cart; instead, you can rent bikes (about 1500-2000 kyats / day) to go around the place from the Old Bagan, New Bagan to Nyang U. Apart from that, when riding bicycles, we can visit any temple we love.

The world of more than 4,000 temples can make you astray. The famous temples not to miss here include Shwezigon (11th century) in Nyang U, Ananda (11th century) and Thatbyinnyu (12th century), Shwegugyi (11th century) and Shwesandaw (11th century – a very beautiful place to see the sunset) in Old Baga.

At noon, you can also take a rest, or even sleep inside the temples where are very cool. The price in diners around the temple is also very cheap, just only 2-5 USD.

Interesting activities in Bagan

The lacquer products in New Bagan
The lacquer products in New Bagan

During 2 days in Bagan of Myanmar tour 5 days, you can visit many places and enjoy the traditional customs of this area. The most recommended activities are as follows:

– Visiting the lacquer factories situated along the roads from Old Bagan to New Bargan.
– Going to local markets to see the lives of Bagan peaceful citizens. You can buy thanaka trees – a kind of herb mixed with a little amount of water to make a natural powder, which is very popular among Myanmar women and men, to make up and or used as a skin lotion
– Having inners at Nanda restaurant (7-10 USD) to see the string puppets and the dramas that depict Myanmar culture including the birth of the Nats – the gods in Myanmar cultural beliefs.
– After watching the juggle, you should go to Popa peak – the birthplace of the Nats who bless the people of Myanmar. This is an ancient volcano that is 40 km far from the center of Bagan. On the mountain, there is a temple worshipping Nat gods, Buddha with views to a beautiful plain. It is ideal to hire a pickup with a coachwork at the back with the cost of about 35-40 USD, and you should invite 4-6 people or more to join with you to reduce the cost.

Mandalay – 2 days

Taking a Myanmar tour 5 days, you are able to experience two different feelings. While Bagan is quiet, peaceful, Mandalay will give a total different impression.

Southern Stairway up the Mandalay Hill
Southern Stairway up the Mandalay Hill

In order to reach Mandalay from Bagan, there is an interesting way is to travel by boat along the Ayeyarwady (Irrawaddy) river, but you have to make a reservation or contact the inn or hotel in Bagan/ Yangon to get detailed information.

Unlike Bagan, Mandalay is busier, noisier and more expensive. The beautiful and attractive destinations in Mandalay are:

– Shwenandaw Abbey with extremely delicate sculptures
– Kuthodaw Paya temple which has the world’s largest Buddhist scripture which is extremely impressive with 729 “pages” carved on marbles
– Mandalay Hill with a walk journey up to the mountain’s peak to see the sunset along the Ayeyarwady River
– The Royal Palace

The Royal Palace in Mandalay
The Royal Palace in Mandalay

– Mahamuni Pagoda with an impressive Buddha statue wearing a robe and a hat with a 6-inch thick layer of gold leaf pasted by the Buddhists through the generations. The most special thing is the “Buddhist face washing ceremony” which takes place at 4 am and the place where you have opportunity to participate in a spiritual atmosphere.
– U-Bein Bridge and Buddhist monastery in Amarapura: The lunch here is really interesting and impressive with hundreds of monks queue up to get rice. You may meet a monk studying and practicing here.
– Mingun Stupa – just a trip by train from Mandalay upstream the Ayeyarwady River in half of an hour, you will come to a totally peaceful space. The stupa is built incompletely with many cracks because of the earthquake, but it still looks very impressive.
– In the evening, there are 2 activities in which you can participate is to go to watch dancing and singing in Mintha theater with traditional dances or watch Moustache Brothers satirical comedy performed by the members of a family.

U Bein Bridge
U Bein Bridge

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Have A Deeper Look Into The Country Known As Indonesia

Travelling is an activity that is enjoyed by several thousands of

people all around the world. Spending holidays while travelling to a faraway place is one of the

best ways to get relief from a person’s everyday stress. With more amount of work comes more

worries, due to this a break is necessary. This break is provided in the form of travelling.

Travelling can greatly boost up morale of an individual, which in exchange can make the

individual work better. As travelling provides so many benefits, it is also important to choose a

travelling destination. Indonesia, a country made of thousands of islands, can serve as a great

travelling destination. With its rich culture, and several beaches, it makes out to be the best

place for anyone to travel to. You will be able to experience various water sports at this

country, visit more and more islands, and visit several temples located on many of the islands.

You can even explore the less inhabited islands, and discover new things.


Indonesia consist of a number resorts, both small and large scale.

All of them providing luxurious facilities to the tourists visiting.Resorts can be found on almost

all of the inhabited islands, and some small ones on the less inhabited islands. For the leisure of

the tourists, most resorts are built where one can have clear view of the surroundings. Some of

the resorts can be found near beaches, in case someone wants to spend most of their time on

the beach. The prix or price of these resorts differs by the facilities and

services they provide. One can opt for the resort, that they think suit them the best.



The islands have a tropical climate, so they do not experience

much change in the temperature. Most time of the year, the islands remain hot and humid.

However, the hills can be a bit cooler compared to the plains. Rainstorms are common on these

islands, and they occur all year. The monsoon season on these islands start from December and

end in March, while the Driest weather can be experienced from June to September.

tropical climate


Out of the thousands of islands of this country, many of the

islands are still uninhabitedand unexplored. Tourists from all around the world come to explore

these islands, to discover several new things. At these islands, you will be able to experience

the nature better than other islands. A rich wildlife, along with a sense of exploration, makes

these islands the best travelling place. Several ancient building can also be found on these

islands, along with temples in some islands, which can help you know the ancient culture of

people better.

Indonesia's islands

By going on a trip to Indonesia, you are in for a lifetime worth of

experience. You can do anything in here, from relaxing at the exotic beaches to exploring the

wildlife of an unexplored place. The country offers you so much that you will not be able to

grasp most of the things.

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